Tata Capital Personal Loan

Face Your Financial Roadblocks With Tata Capital Personal Loan

While you may have a great life insurance to secure your life and a strong medical insurance to meet any health issues, there may be unforeseen circumstances wherein you may fall short of immediate cash. With the help of Tata Capital Personal Loan, you have the assurance of addressing any emergent financial needs at the drop-of-a-hat. Tata Capital is a financial subsidiary of the prestigious Tata Group that is listed with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a critical non-deposit taking core investment company (CIC). Tata Capital is essentially a holding company that holds its investments via its subsidiaries that offer a variety of products and services under the Tata Capital umbrella. Covering the entire nation with a chain of over 1000 network points, Tata Capital has expanded its reach to Tier 3 cities as well after a successful launch in Tier 1 and 2 cities. It offers a range of financial solutions to its retail, corporate and established clients, which is done both in a direct and indirect manner, via its subsidiaries. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Tata Capital has over 2500 employees and was established in 2007 and now has surpassed 100 branches spread across the country.

Overview Of Tata Capital Personal Loan

Tata Capital Personal Loan come with the assurance of a well-trusted brand and brings forth competitive product offerings that are sure to fit every customer’s requirements. Tata Capital Personal Loans provide instant approvals to customers who fit the eligibility requirements and require no collateral's or security. They also offer a much higher personal loan amount that can be as high as Rs. 15 lakh that can be spread across a tenure of up to six years.

Why Pick Tata Capital Personal Loan?

Tata Capital personal loan is a number one choice for consumers:

  • Hassle-free Documentation –Tata Capital personal loans offers minimal paperwork that is comparatively hassle-free than other competitors.
  • Higher Loan amount – Tata Capital offers personal loans for a higher amount with a maximum loan approval for up to Rs. 15 lakhs.
  • Longer Tenure – Tata Capital personal loans can be availed for a much longer tenure going as high as six years.
  • Competitive Interest Rate –Tata Capital personal loans are offered at a reasonable rate of interest.
  • Zero pre-payment charge if total loan amount paid after six months of availing the personal loan.

Features of Tata Capital Personal Loan

Tata Capital Personal Loan has a lot of attractive features:

  • Flexible Nature of Loan - Loan can be availed for a variety of reasons. Whether you are planning a wedding and need to manage extra costs or you need money for home renovation; Tata Capital offers a lot of flexibility.
  • Collateral or Security Not Required – Tata Capital does not ask for any collateral or security to avail their personal loans.
  • Multiple Repayment Choices –Tata Capital offers a variety of repayment options that a customer can choose from. You can either repay via post-dated Cheques, online EMI payment or ECS.
  • Low Interest Rates – Tata Capital Personal Loans can be availed at a very low rate of interest ranging from 13.99% to 17.50% at a fixed rate.
  • Maximum Loan amount for salaried class is Rs. 15 lakh and self-employed class is Rs. 20 lakhs.

Benefits of Applying Tata Capital Personal Loan on Letzbank

Letzbank allows you to process your Tata Capital personal loan application free of charge and customers who apply online also get the chance to waive off the loan service fees. Letzbank has tie-ups with banks to ensure that the best loan offers and latest schemes are provided to its customers at all times. The website gives you a detailed analysis of the different loan offerings so that you can make a wise decision upon careful consideration. Letzbank also offers a unique facility called ‘Instant Quotes’, that enables you to have access to the loan quotation by a bank of your choice, in a matter of minutes! Letzbank also provides you the access to a lot of other products and services all under one place. For example, you can also purchase a life insurance or travel insurance at the website in a hassle-free manner. Letbank also offers you the ability to access your Credit Score online as we have partnered with Experian to help our customers be aware of their financial position. You can also file your Income Tax Return free of charge and make use of our Document Locker tool to be able to store your financial documents safely.

Tata Capital Personal Loan Eligibility:

Loan eligibility for salaried individuals:

  • Eligible age to apply for the loan should fall between 21 to 58 years.
  • Minimum monthly income should be at least Rs. 20,000.
  • Should be employed for at least two years in the current company.

Loan eligibility for self employed individuals:

  • Eligible age to apply for the loan should fall between 25 to 65 years.
  • Minimum annual income should be at least Rs. 2,00,000.
  • Should be in the same line of business and city for at least three years.

Tata Capital Personal Loan Documents

Documents Required for salaried individuals:

  • Proof of Identity - Voter ID, Driving License, Passport (any one of them).
  • Proof of Address –Electricity bill, Passport with current address, Ration card.
  • Proof of Income - Salary slip for the last three months and a company document that confirms the two-year employment.
  • Bank statement to be presented for the last three months.

Documents required for self employed individuals:

  • Proof of Identity - Voter ID, Driving License, Passport (any one of them).
  • Proof of Address – Electricity bill, Passport with current address, Ration card, Trade License or a Sales Tax Certificate.
  • Bank statement to be presented for the last six months.
  • Proof of the highest professional qualification.
  • Income Tax Return statement for the current financial year as well as Income Computation or a Balance Sheet & profit and loss statement for the last two years, duly audited by a chartered accountant.

Tata Capital Personal Loan Interest Rates

Tata Capital Personal Loan interest rates fall between 13.99% to 17.50%, which is calculated at a fixed rate.

Tata Capital Personal Loan EMI Calculator

You can now easily compute the monthly EMI for your personal loan by using our handy tool - Letzbank EMI calculator. Simply enter the required details such as the loan amount, term period for the loan and the interest rate and our calculator will do the rest and present to you the monthly breakup within seconds.