How To Reissue The Passport

Passport is an important document that serves as the proof of your nationality and citizenship when travelling overseas. Though it is mandatory when you are travelling beyond the borders, it can serve many other purposes like identity proof, address proof etc. A passport contains information like your full name, address, photograph, place of birth, date of issue, date of expiry, spouse name, mother’s name, type of passport, passport number, fingerprint etc. Since all this information is verified while issuing the passport, it is considered as proof of all details mentioned therein. There are three types of passports in India- general, official and diplomatic. They can be distinguished by the color of their cover. Diplomatic passports have maroon cover, official has silver grey color and general passport has navy blue cover. All these passports have golden Ashoka emblem on them.

Why is Reissuance Required

Reissuance or replacement of passport means that the applicant already has a passport and wants a new one to replace the old passport. One person cannot hold two passports unless an official passport is issued. But in this case too, general passport has to be surrendered for the duration for which such person holds official passport. This way at any one point in time an Indian citizen can hold only one Indian passport. Let us now look at the cases where re-issuance of passport might be necessitated:

  1. Expiry of validity period usually 10 years
  2. All pages of the passport where visa is stamped are exhausted
  3. Damage to passport where it is rendered unacceptable
  4. Theft of passport

In the last case, an FIR needs to be filed with police and same should be produced when applying for reissuance as part of supporting documents.

Procedure and Process of Re-issuance of Passport

  1. Register yourself at the Passport Seva Portal if you don’t have a user name and password already.
  2. Once you get registered username and password, login to the Passport Seva portal
  3. Click on “Apply for Reissue of passport” link.
  4. Fill in the form completely with details requested and submit.
  5. In this step applicant needs to schedule the appointment and make the payment of fees. This one can do by clicking on “submitted/ saved applications” link which will lead to another webpage. If the reissue is on account of theft or loss then total of Rs. 5000 has to be paid if passport is required within 1-7 days otherwise Rs. 4000 needs to be paid. In other cases total fees is Rs. 2500.
  6. After scheduling the appointment, make online payment through debit or credit card or internet banking. Online payments are mandatory now for booking appointments with passport seva kendras.
  7. Take printout of the application receipt by clicking on “Print Application receipt”. This receipt will contain ARN or the Appointment Reference Number.
  8. Reach the passport Seva Kendra on the date and time of appointment. Take along original as well as a set of copies of documents. Following documents are required for reissuance of passport:
  • Original expired passport as well as its copy covering first and last four pages that contain details of the pass holder. In case of theft or loss of passport, the FIR needs to be produced.
  • Address proof in case of change in address
  • In case original passport does not contain spouse name then the same needs to be mentioned and proof of marriage in form of marriage registration is to be submitted.
  • If there is a change in name then notice in a local and national daily is required. Same is to be carried along the documents.

Resubmission of entire application is required if the applicant does not take appointment or visit the passport seva Kendra within 90 days of online submission. The delivery time of passports has also undergone a significant change and one can usually expect the passport to arrive within 3-4 days. Urgent cases can be taken though tatkaal route by paying additional fee. Like earlier days, there is no need of agents now as the process has been simplified. Also there is no say of applicant in scheduled appointment as the process is completely online. There are however exceptions to the following persons who can come directly to passport Seva Kendra without applying online:

  • Emergency or medical cases
  • Certain pre-approved categories

So this was the complete step to step guide on how to apply for reissue of passport. With introduction of online procedure, the entire process of application of passport has become very transparent, convenient and swift. These days for reissue there is no requirement of police verification.