How to Apply for A Passport Offline

People prefer applying for passport online than offline mainly because of the ease of filing an application, however there are some people who do not have access to the internet and therefore cannot apply for a passport online. People who cannot file a passport application online can apply for it offline.

Where To Apply For A Passport?

If you are wish to apply for passport you can apply online at whereas if you are applying for passport offline you will have to submit the application form at one of the passport offices or centers mentioned below

  • District passport Cell (DPC)
  • Speed Post Centre (SPC)
  • Citizen Service Centre (CSC)

You must note that only fresh or new passport applications can be submitted at DPC, SPC, and CSC.

These centers sell and accept passport forms for fresh applications only and the applications for renewal, reissue, diplomatic, official passport and other serviced are not available at these centers. The biometrics or fingerprints are also not collected at these centers. Once you submit a fresh passport application, your application is sent to Regional Passport Office (RPO) for processing your passport application further. The further stages involve, verification from the police department, issuance, printing, and lamination and dispatching the documents, etc. The centers are allowed to accept passport applications in order to help ease the burden on the mainstream passport issuing authorities such as POs and PSKs.

Offline Passport Application Process

The passport form can be filled and submitted manually at the centers mentioned above

Where you can get passport forms?

In order to know the forms that need to be filled in order to apply for passport and fill the passport application correctly, there are a certain guidelines that needs to adhered to strictly especially if you want to avoid the hassle of passport application rejection.

You can either download the passport form and get it printed on a A4 size paper from the website or purchase an application form from the centers mentioned above.

How To Apply For Passport At District Passport Cell (DPC)

You will be required to approach the appropriate passport cell for your district. Here’s what you need to do at the DPC:

  • Submit the passport forms along with the recent photographs (as per specifications)
  • Submit self-attested documents
  • Provide original documentation for verification (if required)
  • Make payment via DD
  • Receive Acknowledgement Letter containing the File Number

Submitting Passport Forms At DPCs

As mentioned earlier, you can download and print the passport form from the Passport Seva website, fill it in manually and submit it.

You can also purchase the form at the DPC by paying Rs.10/-

You must make sure that you use only the new format of the passport form.

Documentation and Photographs For Passport Applications At DPC

When you visit DPC to apply for a new passport you must carry all the supporting documents that must be submitted along with the passport application form. You must also carry along your originals for verification purposes. While submitting the documents you must ensure that you fill in all the sections and attach all the enclosures as enlisted in the list of documents you need to submit.

You will also be required to carry along colored photograms as mentioned in the specifications in the photograph column. You must ensure that the photograph does not have any marks, or signatures or stamps. Also you must affix a recent photograph taken with a white or a light background.

Once you have affixed the photograph on the application form and made sure that you have attached all the mentioned documents, you must sign on the signature column underneath the photograph column. You must also sign on the last page under self-declaration.

Passport Fee Payment At DPC

Once the passport application and the documents submitted by you have been reviewed, verified and accepted by the DPC you will be required to pay the requisite fee.

Passport fee can be paid only via DD at the DPC. The DD must be drawn by a scheduled bank in favour of PAO-MEA and should be drawn for exact amount of the passport fee. The DD must be valid for a period of 60 days from its date of submission and must be payable in the RPO city. You must mention your make on the backside of the DD along with details such as your name, date of birth, application submission date etc.

Acknowledgement Letter With File Number For Tracking Application Status

After making the payment and completing the submission process you will be issued an acknowledgement letter which will contain your file number and can be fed into the passport portal in order to track your passport application status. You can check the status of your passport application online at

Passport Application At Speed Post Centers(SPC)

The Ministry of External Affairs – MEA and The Department of Posts has established a process through which the passport applications can be submitted at the Speed Post Centers which are also known as SPC.

You can submit the forms for a passport only at a certain Speed Post Center in your district. Here’s what you can do at a SPC:

  • You can purchase, fill and submit passport application forms at the SPC. The passport application form costs Rs.20 including an envelope.
  • You will be required to submit supporting self-attested documentation along with the duly filled and signed application form which should have the standard passport photographs attached.
  • Passport fee can be paid only for processing a new or a fresh passport application at SPC. You can make the payment either by Cash or by DD. The DD must be valid for a period of 60 days from its date of submission and must be payable in the RPO city. You must mention your make on the backside of the DD along with details such as your name, date of birth, application submission date etc.
  • You will receive a key number which can be used to track your passport application form online.

Applying For A Passport At Citizen Service Centers (CSC)

Passport forms can be bought, filled and submitted at CSC along with all the necessary documents and photographs. Further you fee can be paid to complete the process. The passport fee at CSC can be paid by Cash or Debit/Credit Card only. On completion of the process, you will receive a reference number which can be used to track the application status.

Walk-in at PSK / Offline Application form submission at Passport SevaKenda (PSK)

You can submit a passport application form at a PSK not only for fresh passport but also other kind of passport application services. Enlisted below are the services that can be availed at a PSK:

  • Tatkaal or urgent cases
  • Handicapped
  • Senior Citizens
  • Minors
  • Police Clearance Certificates (PCC)
  • Cases where token was not issued due to issues with documents

If you are one of the walk-in applicants you will be first required to submit your application online at the passport portal and obtain an ARN receipt. You will be required to carry this ARN receipt along with the relevant documents and visit the PSK at the hour set for walk-in. For cases where the token was not issued, the walk-ins are allowed up to three days from the original date of appointment.

Passport Application Process At Regional Passport Office

You cannot apply for a passport directly at a Passport Office or the Regional Passport Office. However, every now and then advisories are issued by Regional Passport Offices regarding acceptance of passport applications at the Passport Office. The procedure to submit a manual application at the Passport Office is the same as mentioned above.

If you apply through the Passport Office, you will have to submit the required application form which you will either obtain from the passport website or can be bought at the PO. Along with the form you will be required to submit standard passport photographs, photocopies of supporting documents along with their originals for verification purposes. The passport fee should be paid in the only in the prescribe mode in order to complete the process.