Two Wheeler loans in Delhi

The Capital City is really crowded with the amount of population migrating from Noida and Gurgaon in the city. Driving down the roads in Delhi can be crazy especially during the peak hours. Driving a four-wheeler can be even more painful if you had to spend half of your day stuck in traffic after a tedious day of work. Having a two-wheeler can save both your time and money. Two wheeler loans in Delhi can help you get finance for purchase of your two-wheelers.

Check Your Eligibility

Know more about two-wheeler loans in Delhi

• Loan Amount: Loan amount for two-wheeler loans is upto Rs. 1,50,000/-. The loan amount usually offered is upto 80% of the ex-show room price of your two-wheeler.

• Rate of Interest: The Rate of Interest for purchase of two-wheeler loan is upto 22% p.a.

• Loan Tenure: The loan tenure for purchase of two-wheeler is upto 3 years.

• Advance Payment: You will be required to deposit some amount as a down payment which should be roughly around 20% of the price of your vehicle.

• Fore-Closure Charges: You can choose to close your two-wheeler loan by paying a foreclosure charge of 5%.

• Processing Fee: A fee of Rs. 400/- is charged as a processing fee with an additional charge for documentation as applicable.

How eligible are you for availing Two-wheeler loans in Delhi

• Age: You should an Indian resident with a minimum age of 21 years at the time of applying for the two-wheeler loan or less than or equal to 65 years of age at the end of the loan tenor.

• For salaried individuals: You should have a salary of Rs15000/- per month and a work experience of at least one year.

• For self-employed individuals: You should be residing in Delhi for a minimum of one year, have a land line number at your residence or your workplace

Documents required to obtain two-wheeler Loan in Delhi

• Identity Proof

• Address proof

• Income proof

• Passport sized photographs

• Application Form

Where to apply for your Two-Wheeler Loans in Delhi

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Driving two-wheelers will also help you contribute towards conservation of fossil fuels and also help you save your time – Apply online for 100% Free Services on Two-wheeler Loans in Delhi.