Personal Loans in Bangalore

personal loans in bangalore: BANGALORE is the fifth largest city of India. Bangalore is known as garden city of the country. The city has also been titled as Silicon Valle of India owing the fact that the city has given birth to the IT industry in India with head offices of Wipro and Infosys in Bangalore city. Bangalore is also well known for its equable climate which remains pleasant round the year, making the city most liveable place in India.

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About Personal Loans in Bangalore

Have you been lately planning a surprise holiday for your spouse, or a vacation with your family and wondering where will all that money come from? Well, Personal Loans is the answer to your immediate financial requirements. Personal Loans help you meet your financial needs and at the same time lets you the luxuries of life without putting much pressure on your pockets and having you spend your cash.

• Personal Loans in your city are easy to avail hassle-free loans
• Personal loans can be availed upto Rs.25,00,000 Lakhs
• Rate of interest at which you can avail personal loans is 12.65%
• You can repay the loan amount through EMI, ECS as well as post dated cheques
• Personal Loans in Bangalore are available with a facility of Nil Fore Closure Charges i.e. when you are handy on cash you can choose to prepay without bearing any fore closure charges on it.

Eligibility Criteria to avail Personal Loans in Bangalore


Anyone above the age of 21 years and less than 65 years can apply for a personal loan in Bangalore.


Salaried: All salaried individuals are eligible to avail a personal loan in Bangalore if their monthly salary is at least Rs.17,500/- and above.
Self Employed: Self-employed individuals with regular and steady source of income are eligible to avail a personal loan in Bangalore.

Credit Score

If you are regular at paying your credits and existing loans it will reflect on your “Credit score “and with a higher credit score it will become more likely for your bank to grant approval on your personal loan in Bangalore without a hassle.

Documents required to avail Personal Loans in Bangalore

A photo ID proof, Age proof, Application form duly filled and signed by the applicant, Residence proof, and last six months bank statement duly stamped by the authorized signatory of the issuing bank branch.

• Documents required for Salaried: Last three months salary slips and Form 16 or a valid IT return form
• Documents required for self employed professionals: Last three years IT return certificate along with computation of income and last three years audited balance sheet and P&L account certified by a Chartered Accountant.

List of some Top Banks offering Personal Loans in Bangalore

HDFC Personal Loan, Bajaj Finserv, ICICI Personal Loans, IndusInd Personal Loan, Fullerton Personal Loans, Capital First Personal Loans, HDBFS Personal Loans, Kotak Personal Loans, Standard Chartered Personal Loans, Tata Capital Personal Loans, Citibank Personal Loans

Where to apply for Personal Loans in Bangalore

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