Loan against Securities in Delhi

Loan against Securities in Delhi: Did you know that the LIC you have been saving so far can be your savior at the time of a cash crunched situation? Well yes, it is now possible to make use of your shares, fixed deposits, LIC and other security deposits at the time when you need immediate cash for any purpose.

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Know about loans against securities

Loan against securities are easy loans that are availed against your own security deposits. You security deposits can range from anything varying from Mutual funds, Bonds, Shares, and also your Insurance.
You can obtain instant liquidity by making use of your security deposits that you have been depositing so far and meet your financial requirements. You can take loan against security deposit for any purpose may it be business or a personal financial purpose.

Features and Benefits of loan against securities in Delhi:
• Loan Amount

A loan amount upto Rs. 15 Crores can be availed against securities. You are eligible to obtain loan amount upto 75% of the fixed deposit amount for Cumulative fixed deposits and 60% of the fixed deposit amount for Non-Cumulative fixed deposits

• Rate of Interest
The rate of interest applicable on loan against securities is around 12% p.a.
• Loan Tenure
The payback time for the repayment of the loan is around 12 months.
• “Nil Foreclosure Charges” & “Nil Part-payment Charges”
Features like “Nil Foreclosure Charges” and “Nil Part-payment Charges” make your loan product even more desirable.
• Collaterals & Guarantors
You need not deposit any collateral or need to provide any guarantor for availing this loan product.

Eligibility Criteria for loan against securities

You are eligible to avail Loan against security in Delhi if:
• You should be a resident of India.
• You should be at least 25 years of age to avail loan against securities.
• You should be a salaried or self-employed professional with a regular source of income.

Documents required for Loan against Securities

• Duly filled application form
• Recent passport sized photographs
• Identity Proof
• Address Proof
• Date of Birth Certificate
• IT return certificate
• Bank statements for past 3 months
• Last 6 month’s salary slip or P&L statement audited by CA.

How to apply for Loan Against Securities in Delhi

• Loan against securities in Delhi can be availed at Letzbank
• Website will give you a picture of loan products offered by top banks in Delhi, which would simplify your search for loan against securities.
• We offer our values customers our services absolutely “Free”.