Loan against Property in Chennai

Loan against Property in Chennai: Loan against property is a loan that can be availed instantly by mortgaging your property of any kind including residential property, commercial property, open plots, industrial property and even against property developer. And if you have a property your wish to mortgage in Chennai due to any immediate financial requirement you are likely to get more value as a loan against your property since Chennai is one of the most happening metropolitan cities

Check Your Eligibility

Know more about Loan against property in Chennai

• Mortgaging your property will help you avail instant loans at nominal rate of interest of 9.65% p.a. So why sell off your property to meet your financial requirements when you can avail loan against it without selling it.
• Loan against property in Chennai comes along with features such as part pre payment facility which means you can avail loans against your property and make a part payment whenever you have additional cash.
• You may have to bear 0 to 3% foreclosure charges if you decide to close your loan.
• Loan against property can be availed upto Rs.30,00,00,000/- depending on the actual value of the property.
• The Loan against property can be availed for a long tenure of 15 years.

Know your eligibility to avail Loan Against Property in Chennai

• You should be a resident of India
• You should be at least 25 years old at the time of sanctioning of the loan
• You should be a salaried or a self-employed individual having a regular and steady source of income.

Documents required for availing Loan Against Property in Chennai

• A duly filled application form along with a self attested photograph
• Your Identity Proof
• Your Address proof
• Your Signature Proof
• Your Date of Birth Proof
• IT Returns, Balance Sheet, P&L account statement for the last 2 years duly audited by a Chartered Accountant .
• Business Continuity Proof for last 5 years.
• Last 6 months bank account statements
• Copy of property paper to be mortgaged

How to apply for Loan against property

• Loan against property can be availed with just a click at letzbank.
• All you need to do is to come and compare various loan products being offered by leading partner bank strategically displayed on the website.
• You can choose your loan amount as per your requirement and plan your loan EMI and ROI as per your need on the website and apply to the bank of your choice through Letzbank online portal.
• You can choose from variants of loan against property depending on the kind of property you wish to mortgage such as residential property, commercial property, open plots, industrial property and against property developer
• Applying online on letzbank will enable you to avail a waiver on SERVICE FEE applicable on your loan against property.