Home Loans in Delhi

Delhi – the National Capital is a hub for people from all places and all races. The city enthralls populations from tourism perspective with the rich presence of history that stands intact even today – the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Qutubminar, Akhshardham, and endless places of historical importance. On the other side the city remains lively with places like Cannaught Place, Meena Bazar, Chandani Chowk, and other shopping and food places. City is very lively owing to major industrial set up and the amount of people residing in it. The cost of living in this city is relatively higher than other places. If you have been planning to buy a home in Delhi you are certainly aiming to live in the heart of India and without a fuss Home Loans in Delhi will assist you in living in the centre of the country

Check Your Eligibility

Let us know about Home Loans in Delhi:

• Home loans in Delhi can be obtained easily for loan amount upto Rs. 10,00,00,000/-
• It does not matter if you are salaried or self-employed all you need is to have regular source of income.
• With Home Loans in Delhi you can purchase new home, a property under construction, ready to move in properties, etc.
• Home Loans in Delhi can be obtained at fascinating rate of interests i.e. 9.85% p.a.
• Paying back you home loan is now made easy to suit your budget with a log and relaxed loan tenure of 25 years – longer the tenure lower is the EMI.
• You can relax and pay your loan amount during a long tenure period of 25 years. It is better to pay a little extra money as EMIs for your own home for a long time than to bear exaggerating EMIs for someone else house.
• 0% Foreclosure Charges will help you close your loan with any additional cost towards fore-closure charges.
• To obtain home loans in Delhi No guarantors or collaterals are required
• Some banks also offer flexible overdraft facility on your home loans.
• You can avail Balance-Transfer facility in certain case where you are not satisfied with your banks services or you feel you are paying a bit too much interest towards your loan amount that’s when you can choose to take a balance transfer facility.
• Another benefit you can get once you take home loan is a Top-loan on your existing home loan which can be for any purpose varying from home expansion to home furnishing.
• You can apply for a home loan with a co-applicant to enhance both your eligibility and loan limit

Eligibility for availing Home Loans in Delhi

• You should be a resident of India. NRIs are also eligible for home loans.
• You should be at least 28 of age while submitting your loan application and less than 70 years of age by the end of your loan tenure.
• You should be salaried and working for at least 2 years or self-employed individual with minimum 5 years of continuity in your current business.
• Filing an IT return makes you even more eligible.

Documents required for submitting your application

Application form, Identity Proof, Address Proof, Signature Proof, Date of Birth Certificate, Declaration of Income, Business Continuity Proof, KYC documents of Co-applicant.

How to Apply for Home Loans in Delhi?

• Well, there are lot of home loan schemes and products in the market, and that is nice however the moment you step into that world you tend to get confused with which offer to pick and which one to lease.

• Letzbank offers you a simplified solution for your search of home loans in a comparative format online through our website letzbank which will enable you to compare various home loan products being offered by various banks across the country without you actually moving around.

• Once you logon to the website you get acquainted with various home loan offers being offered by a number of partner banks.

• We strongly recommend you online application process for applying for a home loan.

• You can easily submit your duly filled online application form and avail your loan without much trouble. You can apply for Home Loan online at letzbank

• You will be able to plan your EMI through Home Loan EMI calculators available on our website www.letzbank.com

• Applying online will also acquaint you with your loan status throughout its various stages during your home loan tenure.

• You will be able to decide your own loan tenure and rate of interests you wish to bear.

• Last but not the least you will be charged “NIL SERVICE FEE” for the online applications.