Farm Equipment Loans in Mumbai

Farmer Equipment Loans are loans that are used for purchase of equipment required for executing agricultural activities.

Farming equipment loan can be broadly classified into two different categories including:

• Agri-Machinery Tractors

• Agri-Farm Equipment loans

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Farm Equipment loan can be availed to meet following farm requirements

• Hassle free and convenient credit to meet your day to day farming requirements

• Term Loan

• Term loans to buy cattle

• Loan for purchase of Agriculture equipment

Features & benefits of availing Agriculture loans in Mumbai

• Simplified documentation for quick and easy application process

• Easy and convenient loans to meet needs of everyone involved in agricultural activities

• Flexible loan repayment options based on your income and repayment capacities

• Attractive interest rates to suit your pockets and budgets

• No hidden charges

• Quick processing will ensure that you have cash in your pocket as soon as possible.

• Non-mortgage loans are also available

• Farm Loans are available for purchase of new as well as old commercial vehicle or equipment

• You can consider a Balance Transfer of and existing farm equipment loan to revisit your existing loan charges.

• You can also avail Top-Up on your existing farm equipment loans in Mumbai

• Under the banner of farm equipment loans you can also purchase vehicles such as trucks, loader, harvesters, and all such vehicles and equipment’s required for farming purposes

• You can avail farm equipment loans at your doorstep with services offered by certain banks

Eligibility requirements to avail farm equipment loans in Mumbai

• The applicant should be in the age group of 18-70 years while applying for farm equipment loans.

• You should be an owner of agricultural land for you to apply for farm equipment loan.

You need to submit the following documents while availing the loan

• Identity Proof

• Address proof

• Age Proof

• Documents Required

• Photographs

• Nativity Proof

• Security Cheques

• Land Extracts

• Proof of Signature Verification

Where and how to apply for Farm Equipment Loans in Mumbai

• You can apply for farm equipment loans online through easy and hassle-free online application process at letzbank.

• All you need to do is to fill in an online application format for availing best possible farm equipment loan offers in your city – Mumbai

• Further, our customer care executive will get in touch with you to assist you in availing the best farm loan equipment being offered in the city

• We do not have any third party dealing which will ensure that your details and documents will be safe and secure with us.

• After you have successfully applied for farm equipment loan in Mumbai you can also track your application to know the status of your farm equipment loan

• You can also cover your farm equipment under insurance to ensure that you get the reimbursement in case of any unfortunate event happening to any farm equipment procured under farm equipment loan scheme.

• Banking for farm equipment loans at Letzbank will help you waive off “Service Charge” applicable on your Farm Equipment Loan.