Farm Equipment Loans in Bangalore

About Farm Equipment Loans

Any individual, institution or firm having a regular source of income from farming activities can apply for a Farm Equipment Loan for the purchase of farming equipments such as purchase of new tractors, procuring tractor attachments, trailers, harvesters, and other farming accessories and implements.

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About Farm Equipment Loans in Bangalore

• Your Farm equipment loans can be availed for purchase of new or old commercial vehicle / equipment, Balance Transfer of existing farm equipment loan, Top-Up on existing farm equipment loans and Loans for purchase of vehicles ranging from trucks to construction equipment
• Farm equipment loans can be granted with a minimum margin of 15%. Mortgage of landed property valued equivalent of 100% of farm equipment loan value need to be submitted as collateral towards your loan.
• Farm equipment loan can be availed at 12% p.a ROI.
• Processing fee towards the processing of your loan is approximately 0.5% of loan amount.
• Processing and disbursal of farm equipment loan is a quick and hassle-free process.
• Along with least documentation Farm equipment loans can be obtained right at your door step along with excellent after sale services provided by certain banks in Bangalore.
• You can pay back your Farm Equipment Loan through EMI or PDC for the loan tenure upto 5 years. The farm equipment and the accessories purchased should be insured comprehensively for the full value of the farm equipment loans to avoid the loss in case of any unfortunate event and full recovery at the time of loss

How to Avail Farm Equipment Loans
  • Farm Equipment Loans in Bangalore can be applied on our website letzbank which is an online portal where all kinds of farm equipment loan queries can be sorted all through a single window.
  • On the website all you will be required to do is to fill in and submit a simple online application format.
  • After filling in online application our customer care executives will connect with you and help you avail the best possible farm equipment loans in within your city Bangalore.
  • Letzbank offers “100% Free Services” to all our customers who submit applications online.