Education Loans in Chennai

Education Loans in Chennai: Chennai is the capital of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Tamil and English are the two predominantly used languages in the city. The city is has the third largest population in the country with people working in having diverse fields and professions. The city has the second highest literacy rate in the country the literacy rate being 90.33%.

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About Education Loans in Chennai

• Education Loans are loans that are availed by students to fulfil their dreams being a professional. Education loans can be availed for of studying both in India as well as abroad in your favourite institute for availing your choice of degree course or a post-graduate course.
• Loan amount upto 100% can be availed as an education loan in Chennai if you are willing to study in India as well as abroad.
• You can also avail education loans before you actually apply in your favourite institute to show to the institutes that you have enough funds to support your studies. This makes your application more acceptable. As you are busy applying for your application procedure the banks take care of finance to support your education.
• Education loans can be availed upto Rs.1 Crores with flexible payment options at 12.50% rate of interest.
• You can also avail Education Loans in Chennai and get 100% funding without bearing any advance payment.
• Working professionals with a minimum 2 years of work experience are also eligible for Education Loans.
• You can choose to close your education loans with Nil Fore-Closure charges
• Education loans in Chennai covers the purchase study material such as your laptops, books and any other essentials required for completion of your course will be taken care which will be upto 75% of total expenditure which will not exceed 20% of the total tuition fee.
• For students who are travelling abroad to pursue their education travelling tickets upto Rs.75000/- can be availed.
• If you already have an existing Education Loan in Chennai and you think you are being over-charged you can always re-visit your education loan.

Eligibility & documents required

• Education Loans in Chennai are available for all Indian citizens of age 18 years or above.
• To avail Education loan in Chennai is you must have an earning co-borrower in India, who acts as a joint applicant.
• Academic Education Certificates
• KYC documents
• Course & Course Fee in detailed format provided by the institute you are applying in.
• To avail education loans in Chennai you need to deposit security or collaterals.
• KYC documents of co-borrower

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