Education Loan in Mumbai

There is no match to a successful career and flourishing life, 90% of your success is said to have achieved with the quality of education you obtain. Getting education especially in reputed and influential institutions has not just become more tough because of competition but also owing to affordability factor. Also, not just meritorious but every student deserves the best education. Education loans play a vital role in today’s world to meet your finances when you need it the most be it for your education or your child’s education anywhere in India or abroad. Market has a lot of education loans to offer but the best education loan is what you must. This article will help you get the right education loan for you for your education both in India as well as overseas.

Check Your Eligibility

Some Benefits and Features of availing Education Loans

• Purpose for availing Education Loans: Education Loans in Mumbai can be applied for purposes such as - studying in India, studying in abroad, Executive Education Loan and Balance Transfer on existing Education Loan
• Loan Amount: You can apply for a loan amount upto Rs. 1 Crore as education Loans in Mumbai for the course you want to avail. Education loan guarantees 100% coverage of your education cost anywhere across the world
• Rate of Interest: Rate of interest applicable on Education Loans in Mumbai is upto 12.50% p.a.
• Added perks of availing Education Loans are:
☞NIL – Advance Part-payment
☞NIL- Fore-Closure Charge
☞NIL- Service Charges
• Education Loan tenure: Educational Loans in Mumbai can be availed for a long tenure of 10 years.
• Pre-visa Disbursement & Preadmission education Loans: You can also apply for pre-visa disbursement and pre-admission education loans in Mumbai.

Documentation required for Education Loans

The following documentation proofs are required both for the applicant as well as the co-borrower to avail education loans in Mumbai

• Identity Proof
• Residential Proof
• Address Proof
• Signature Proof
• Education Certificates
• KYC documents of co-borrower
• Work experience certificate in case of Executive Education Loan

Eligibility factors

• You should be an resident of India residing in Mumbai
• You should have co-applicant who would act as your guarantor for education loan
• You should have passed your Secondary School Education
• Your admission should be confirmed by the university/ institute you wish to join for the bank to disburse the loan amount in your account.
• Your good academic record will play a vital role in making you more eligible for availing education loan.
• Your eligibility factor will become more powerful if your co-borrowers capacity to re-pay the loan is on the higher side.

How and where to apply for Education Loans in Mumbai

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