Construction equipments loan in pune

People in Pune who are involved in the construction business are large in numbers. Always remember to run a business the most essential component is funds. In construction business, equipments play is major role. Purchasing of equipments is the part of business. To grow and expand the business, one is always in a need of construction equipment loans in Pune.

Under CE Loans various schemes available for a variety of new construction equipment like Loader, Excavators, Drilling Equipment, Tippers, Wheel Loaders, Pavers, Transit Mixers, Batching Plants, Cranes, Forklifts, , Compactors, Graders, Dozer, Concrete Pumps ,Crushers Placing Booms, etc.

Construction equipment loans are very easy and simple to avail. Banks and NBFC’s are willingly offering these loans on wide range of construction equipment products which are manufactured by various big and small manufacturers. These loans can be availed by a self employed individual, firm or company, trust or societies which are registered.

Check Your Eligibility

How eligible you are CE loans in Pune

Banks check your eligibility for CE loans before they sanction the loan. The following factors are considered –

• Profile- You should be a resident of India

• Age- Minimum age 18 years and maximum age should be 65 years

• Minimum years in business should be 3 years. Total experience should be 2 to 5 years depending on the profile of the customer.

• Repayment track should be clean. Should not be a defaulter in any of his previous loan track.

• Ownership of CE- Applicant should be an existing owner of at least 2 commercial vehicles. If applicant is a first time buyer of a commercial vehicle then there are different norms for such cases. All the eligibility factors vary from one bank to another.

Bank offers Construction equipment loans for

• New and used construction equipments loans.

• Working Capital Finance

• Bank Guarantees/Letter of credits

• Bill Discounting / Letter Credit discounting

• Inventory Funding /Trade advance/ Cash credit /Overdraft facility for Dealers

• Cash Management Services & Forex Solutions, etc.

Bank offers 100% finance on construction equipments. Repayment tenure up to 60 months is available. Customized EMI structure is offered which suit the business needs of the applicant. Processing fees of 1% for new loans and 1.5% for used loans is charged. Foreclosure charges of 2 -4 % of principal outstanding is charged from the customer if he plans to foreclose the loan before the term is finished. CE loans are offered by banks @ 11.47% to the customers depending on the profile of the customer. At we give the best and teh most affordable deals in the market. You get a special discounted rate when you apply through us. Just fill in the online application form and we shall take care of your loan proceedings. All this services are free at cost.