Construction Equipment Loans in Bangalore

Construction Equipment Loans

Looking for Construction Equipment Loans for purchase of construction equipments in Bangalore? Here are some hassle-free Construction Equipment Loans in your city that can help you with your purchase.Construction equipment loans can help you expand your construction business with loans that can be availed for purchase of a large variety of construction equipment which includes

• Brand New Construction Equipment
• Used Construction Equipment

Construction equipments that can be financed through construction equipment loans can be from any area of development including:

• Construction equipments utilized by mine owners
• Road contractors
• Builders

Check Your Eligibility

Who all can apply for Construction Equipment Loan in Bangalore?

1. You are eligible to apply for construction equipment loan if you are an individual, partnership firm or an organization with over two years of business experience.
2. You can apply for a construction equipment loan in Bangalore if you are an existing owner of construction equipment.
You can also apply for construction equipment loan in Bangalore if you have been using equipment for self purpose; you are a mine owner or a contractor

Loan Amount that can be availed to purchase construction equipment in Bangalore:

The finance that you can obtain on the construction equipment depends on the price of equipment you need to purchase, however in normal cases; finance upto 95% is granted for purchase of the construction equipment.

Rate of interest: Rate of interest upto 12% is charged on construction equipment loan.
Loan Tenure: Depending on your loan scheme the loan amount can be paid back over a period of 12 to 60 months.
Mode of Repayment: Mode of repayment depends on your convenience as the repayment of loan can be easily made through Electronic Clearing Services (ECS) as well as Post-dated cheques.
Nil Fore-Closure Charges: Prepayment of the loan can be done without incurring any additional cost towards Fore-Closure charges.

Insurance for Construction Equipment You must give your construction equipments and insurance cover to ensure you never run in loss in case of any unfortunate event.

List of Documents required to avail Construction Equipment Loans in Bangalore

•Pas sport Sized Photographs
• Identity Proofs
• Address Proofs
• Duly filled application form
• KYC Documents
• Residential Proof
• Six Months Bank Statement
• P&L statement/ Balance Sheet duly audited by CA

How to apply for Construction Equipment Loan in Bangalore

• Applying for Construction Equipment Loans just got easy with hassle-free Construction Equipment Loans @ letzbank.
• You can submit your application for the required loan amount on our website from anywhere across the country.
• Our customer care representatives will get back to you with various construction equipment loan offers to suit your need.
• Please Note - our online services are absolutely free of cost for all our online customers, so quickly submit your application to avail your choice of construction equipment. Apply Today!