Business Loans in Mumbai

MUMBAI – The Commercial Capital of the country is very well known for the trade and commerce operating not just within the city but also in terms of international business operations. In terms of global financial flow, Mumbai ranks amongst Top 10 commerce centers in the world. It generates around 6.16 % of GDP of India. Trade in the city has developed exceptionally and exponentially well over decades. For all Mumbaikars, if you are ready to venture in your business plans in Mumbai, Business loans in Mumbai will give you the right opportunity in terms of Finances to plan your business

Brief About Business Loans

Business Loans are loans that help you to turn your business plan into reality. Business loans will give you all types of financial assistance required to people who intend to set-up their businesses. Business loans can also be availed for purposes such as (i) expansion of your business (ii) bringing in operating expenditures (iii) bringing in capital investment for your business (iv) Purchase of new machinery.

Know More About Business Loans
  • Loan Amount: Business loans amount that can be availed to start your dream business can be upto Rs.75,00,000/- as per your financial requirement.
  • Mode of Repayment: Business loan can be paid back through EMI/ PCD as per your own choice.
  • Rate of Interest: Rate of interests applicable on business loans is around 18% p.a
  • Business Loan Tenure: Loan tenure for which you can avail business loans is upto 5 years
  • Nil-Fore Closure Charges: Depending on your loan product, you can pay back the loan amount at any time during your loan tenure without incurring additional cost towards it.
  • No guarantors / collaterals: No guarantors or collateral are required for availing business loans in Mumbai.
Eligibility for Availing Business Loan
  • You are eligible if you are an owner of a Limited or Private Limited company.
  • You are also eligible if you own a Partnership or Proprietorship Firm.
  • Self Employed Professionals such as Allopathic Doctors, Company Secretaries, Architects, Chartered Accountants, who have been practicing their profession are also eligible for availing business loans in Mumbai.
  • Self Employed Non Professionals such as manufacturers and traders can also apply for business loans.
  • Other organization and institutions such as partnership firms, Private Limited, Limited Liability Partnership, group of companies or other organizations depending on their cases are eligible for availing business loans in Mumbai.
Documents Required while Applying for a Business Loan
  • An application form
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Income tax return certificate
  • An audited P&L account statement along with Form 16 A and balance sheet of last two years
  • Previous 3 months bank account statement
  • At-least 5 years of business holding Certificate of Practice.
How to Apply for a Business Loan?
  • Business loans can be easily applied online, at letzbank
  • Before you start your application process you should check various business loan offers available in your city through a single window.
  • Compare from an assortment of business loan offers available on our website being offered by leading banks in Mumbai and other places across the country.
  • Once you have compared from various business loans you can quickly apply for business loan.
  • Submit your application and we will assist you further.
  • You may track your application online
  • For further information on business loans in your city dial +91-4048586878
  • We offer 100% free services for applications submitted online.