Business Loans in Bangalore

Modern era in Bangalore has brought the city into a new light with the commencement of global culture in the city there new business avenues have opened up for many wanting to venture into business. If you are a creative and persistent individual you can escape the growth if you make an attempt to start a business in booming Bangalore. If you have business idea running on your mind and lack funds do not let your finances stop you from making your ideas come alive with business loans in Bangalore

Business loans can be can be applied for when you wish to start up your own business. You can also apply for a business loans if you plan an expansion of your existing business set up by bringing in investment to implement new and latest technology or machineries in order to enhance the capacity and productivity of your organization.

Check Your Eligibility

Features and benefits of Business Loan

• You business can be funded with business loan amount ranging between Rs.10,00,000/- to Rs.75,00,000/-
• Business loans in Bangalore can be availed at rate of interests as low as 18%
• You can plan repayment of your loan for loan tenure upto 5 years
• You can choose to make a pre-payment of your business loan by paying no additional charge towards fore-closure charges
• Business loans do not require huge documentation process though negligible documentation process– submit your application online
• You need not require any guarantor or collateral while applying for business loans in Bangalore

Eligibility for availing Business Loan

• If you are running a Limited or Private Limited organization
• If you own a Partnership or Proprietorship Firm
• Self Employed Professionals such as Allopathic Doctors, Company Secretaries, Architects, Chartered Accountants, who have been practicing their profession.
• Self Employed Non Professionals: Manufacturers and traders
• Organization/ Institutions: Partnerships, Private Limited, Limited Liability Partnership, group of companies or other organizations depending on their cases.

Documents required while applying for a business loan

• A duly filled application form
• Your passport sized photograph along with photograph of your co-applicant.
• Documents declaring your income including income tax return, 2 years P&L account statement along with Form 16 A and balance sheet.
• Last 3 months bank account statement
• Solid track record of 5 years of business holding Certificate of Practice.

Why to apply for a Business Loans in Bangalore at Letzbank?

• Letzbank offers business loan schemes and products through a single window
• You get to compare business loan offers from a large number of partner banks
• Choose from banks providing lowest rate of interests
• Calculate your EMI, ROI and Loan tenure with the help of our online tools and services
• Single out from various business loan schemes with NIL foreclosure charges
• Zero service charges for applications submitted online