Dhfl Home Loan Eligibility

Dhfl Home Loan Eligibility

Bank Finance Amount Interest Rate Tenor Processing Fee Advance Part Payment Action
5,00,00,000 8.60 360 5000 - 20000 YES Check eligibility

DHFL offers home loans for various purposes such as construction of new home, improvement of home which includes tiling works, painting, etc., extension of home, purchase of land or plot for construction of home, balance transfer of an existing home loan, etc. With this large variety of home loan products that are offered at DHFL the bank has a lot of attractive featured home loan to offer to its customers some of which are enlisted below:

  • Loan Amount: The loan amount that is offered by the bank is around 5 Crores which again depends on the eligibility of the borrower. A borrower having a high credit score is likely to be granted higher loan amount and it is also much likely that your loan will not be rejected.
  • Rate of Interest: The bank offers Home Loans at 8.50% per annum.
  • Processing Fee: The bank charges a processing fee of Rs.5000/- to Rs.20,000/- as a one-time processing fee depending on the documentation involved in processing your home loan. You will be charged a fee of Rs. 5000/- if you borrow a home loan upto Rs.30 Lakhs. If you borrow home loan ranging between Rs.30 to 75 Lakhs you will be charged a processing fee of Rs. 10000/-. If you borrow a home loan more than 75 Lakhs you will be charged a processing fee of Rs.20,000/-
  • Fore-Closure Charges: DHFL charges nil fees towards the fore-closure of your home Loan. If you wish to make the entire payment and close your loan account the bank would not levy a penalty towards the closure of your home loan.

Eligibility to apply for Home Loan at DHFL:

  • Home Loan is granted to anyone who is above 21 years of age.
  • A total home loan granted to any individual is upto 85% of the cost of the property you wish to purchase inclusive of the stamp duty and registration fee.
  • Loan amount can be enhanced by clubbing a co-applicant’s income who should be necessarily related to you
  • Your credit score plays a vital role while applying for home loan – therefore have a good repayment history
  • Your education qualification is considered while applying for home loan to see the strength of your career curve.
  • You income and business continuity of atleast 2 financial years is taken into consideration while applying for Home Loan
  • Factors such as number of dependents you and your co-applicant has is taken into consideration while applying for home loan
  • Your assets and liabilities are evaluated at the time of analysing your income
  • Your savings will also be considered while considering your eligibility to avail a home loan at DHFL

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