ICICI Bank Two Wheeler Loans

Two-wheelers are high in demand throughout India since getting a two-wheeler license is relatively easier, there are lesser parking issues and parking tickets are cheaper, require less fuel and low maintenance and are easily affordable. Many international names in the bike segment have realized the potential sale opportunities for bikesin India, which is why two-wheeler loans are high in demand.

Overview Of ICICI bank Two Wheeler Loans

Icici bank is a leader in two wheeler loan segment. It is India’s largest private sector bank that began its journey in 1994 and has since branched out to be one of the biggest private banks in India. ICICI bank two wheeler loans are great offer speedy loan disbursal, superior customer service, minimal documentation, competitive interest rates, and much more!

Why Pick ICICI bank Two Wheeler Loans?

ICICI bank is the number one choice for many. Here’s why you should pick ICICI bank for your two-wheeler loan:

  • Speedy Loan Procedure–ICICI bank offers one of the fastest loan disbursals to ensure higher customer satisfaction.
  • Minimal Documentation Process – ICICI bank offers a minimal documentation process that is hassle-free and simple to fulfill.
  • Doorstep facility – ICICI bank provides doorstep facility to collect all documents for the loan and also address any questions you may have.
  • Attractive Interest Rates – ICICI bank offers one of the most competitive interest rates that make two-wheeler loans easily affordable.
  • Lower EMIs – ICICI bank two wheeler loans have a lower EMI that makes it easily affordable by many.
  • Longer Loan Tenures – ICICI bank also offer much lower loan tenures to offer maximum flexibility.
  • Superior Customer Service – ICICI bank is highly regarded for its superior customer service.
  • Attractive deals for existing customers – If you are an existing customer of ICICI bank, you may be able to get a lower interest rate, flexible tenure and a discount or waiver on processing fees!

Features of ICICI bank Two Wheeler Loans

Here are some of the attractive features of ICICI bank two-wheeler loan:

  • Attractive offers – ICICI bank offers loads of flexible benefits and offers for existing customers. For example, an existing customer can benefit from a lower interest rate, reduced processing fees, etc.
  • Festive Discount – Like many banks, ICICI bank also offers a range of festive discounts on loans, especially two-wheeler loans.
  • Faster loan processing – ICICI banks follows a quicker loan processing timeframe to ensure a complete hassle-free experience.
  • Flexible Loan Tenure – ICICI bank offers a flexible loan tenure that you are most comfortable with. Choose a loan tenure between 1 year to 4 years.
  • Flexible repayment– ICICI bank offers flexible repayment viaStanding Instructions, ECS, post-dated Cheques with affordable EMIs.

Benefits of ICICI bank Two Wheeler Loans on Letzbank.com

Letzbank provides you a wide range of loans to choose from instead of wasting time looking at every individual website. Here are some of the benefits of getting a two-wheeler loan at Letzbank:

  • Easy comparison of loans – Enjoy a hassle-free process of choosing a loan amongst different loan choices by comparing the loans easily.
  • Service Charge Waiver – Letzbank waives off service charge for any loan application that gets processed directly at Letzbank website.
  • Online Application Process – No need to run to a bank to process your application. Simply login to Letzbank and find the best loan that fits your needs and apply directly at the website.
  • Instant Quotes – Letzbank works with banks directly to offer you instant quotesfor two-wheeler loansto be able to make swift and rational decisions.
  • Check Eligibility Online – Find your two-wheeler loan eligibility online within a few minutes at Letzbank website. Simply enter minimal information and determine your eligibility.
  • Document Locker – Letzbank offers a novel way to store all your financial documents online in the most safe and secure manner. The Document Locker is a free tool offered by Letzbank to ensure that you can safely place your documents online and use them anytime to apply for a loan, service without having to scan and send them everytime or physically presenting them.
  • Check Credit Score Online – Amongst many services that Letzbank offers, the ability to check your credit score online is the most crucial since it gives you the confidence in your own financial abilities and also enables better judgement while deciding on a loan.

ICICI bank Two Wheeler Loans Eligibility

ICICI bank determines loan eligibility for a two-wheeler loan according to four major factors: credit worthiness, relationship with the bank, asset segment and loan term. There are other eligibility factors that are determined by the bank depending on an individual application.

ICICI bank Two Wheeler Loans Interest Rates

ICICI bank two-wheeler loan interest rates range between 11 percent to 26.03 percent per annum.