LIC Home Loan

Home is a place of solace and therefore most of us spend a fortune or all our lives savings in making our home, no wonder they call it “Dream Home”. LIC brings forward an opportunity for you to fulfill your dream. LIC home loan are not just hassle-free and easy but are also transparent and simple to be understood by anyone who applies for a home loan. This is really important since home loans are really term commitment to the bank it is very crucial for you to understand your home loan scheme without a difficulty.

Know More About LIC Home Loan

  • LIC understands your busy life and schedule and for your convenience it provides its services right at your doorstep.
  • LICs rich presence across the country and even abroad enables you to apply for LIC HFL anytime and anywhere.
  • LIC offers very nominal rate of interest which can be compared with leading loan providers in the market.
  • LIC home loan schemes are designed especially for your specific needs such as carrying out renovation, expansion of your home, construction of your home, purchase of flat, etc.
  • At LIC you can check your eligibility and look for a property as per your eligibility and affordability – so that taking a loan does not become a burden for you at any point of time during your long loan tenure.
  • LIC home loans are really transparent home loans with no additional or hidden cost.

Available for LIC Home Loan

  • Resident Indians
  • Non-resident Indians
  • Pensioners
  • You can make a purchase of your residential property, construct a residential property as well as plan expansion of your already existing residential property with Home Loans at LIC.
  • You can avail a home loan upto 85% of the total value of your property if you wish to avail property above Rs.One lakh. LIC caters for 80% of the cost of the property if you wish to avail home loans upto 20 Lakhs . LIC caters for 75% of the cost of the property if you wish to avail home loans upto 75 Lakhs.This is inclusive of the stamp duty and the registration charges.
  • LIC HFL Home Loan tenure varies with your profession can your capacity to payback the loan amount.
  • Salaried individuals can avail home loans for loan tenure upto 30 years at LIC HFL.
  • Self-Employed individuals can avail home loans for loan tenures upto 20 years at LIC HFL.
  • All NRIs can avail home loans for a loan tenure upto 15 years at LIC HFL.
  • Professionally Qualified individuals can avail home loans for a loan tenure upto 10 years at LIC HFL.
  • Anyone who is more than 50 years old can easily avail LIC Home loans for a loan tenure of 15 years or 70 years of age or whichever is earlier.

Apply for Home Loans at LIC through Letzbank

  • Letzbank is an online portal where you get a large variety of Loan offers including Home Loan offers existing in the market which are offered by leading banks in the country.
  • Since there are lot of schemes and products in market its gets confusing for anyone to decide which one to choose from.
  • Letzbank simplifies your search by laying a comparative statement before you drawing in details of Home Loan schemes being offered from its partner banks.
  • This will give you an upper hand to choose from a large variety of home loan offers and you ultimately get all the product benefits you were seeking in a home loan.
  • You can also design your loan as per your convenience with the help of our well designed tools and services available for “Free” on our website.
  • Letzbank helps you right from the planning phase of availing your home loan such as planning your EMI, ROI and loan tenure to the disbursement of your home loan.
  • If you shortlist a home loan you want to go for you can upload your documents sitting where you are instantly and submit your application to the bank of your choice through letzbank . BY submitting your applications online you get to bid adieu to redundant “Service Fee”.