ICICI Home Loan

ICICI emerged as a financial institution in the year 1955 as an initiative of World Bank, the Government of India, and representatives of Indian Industry with an aim to develop a financial establishment for lending mid-term and long term project finance for a large segment of businesses across India. ICICI took a new turn in the year 1990, when it broadened its horizons and started expanding its financial services into a large spectrum of products and services directly as well as through its subsidiaries. With its ever growing advancements, ICICI in the year 1999 became the first Indian organization as well as the first Indian bank in non-Japan Asia to be enlisted on NYSE.

Today, ICICI Bank ranks as the largest private sector bank that holds a total asset of Rs.6,461.29 billion which amounts to 103 billion US dollars approximately as on at 31st March, 2015 along with the net profit after tax that was Rs.111.75 billion which amounts to 1788 million US dollars as on 31st March, 2015. ICICI Bank has a strong and well knit network of 4,070 Branches and 13,235 ATM's spread widely across the country. The Bank offers a large variety of hassle free loans as enlisted below to cater for your financial requirements

Home Loans at ICICI

ICICI – is one of the leading financial players in the country. The banking institution has been successfully providing home loans to many Indians across the country. ICICI home loans are not just easy to apply but also as quick to obtain through easy application process and quick disbursal by the bank. Your Home Loans is strategically designed to meet your home loan requirement. All salaried as well self employed professional can apply for ICICI Home Loans and obtain loans with higher eligibility by clubbing in your parents, siblings or spouses income. What makes ICICI home loans more affordable are low EMIs, genuine rate of interests and longer loan tenure. ICICI offers a perfect home loan scheme that you step in your dream home with your loved ones. ICICI makes use of smart phones and tablet to process your loan application this smart approach at ICICI makes your home loans application process faster and safer.

Some features and benefits of ICICI home loans

ICICI – Approved Projects

ICICI assists you right from the inception of the idea of a home in your mind. To assist you from the very beginning bank offers pre-approved housing projects that have been assessed by the bank. Choosing a pre-approved project not only gives you a fairly good idea about the property since it has already been assessed by the bank but also puts an end to your search for a reliable property.

ICICI- Balance Transfer

Exaggerated Rate of Interests and EMIs often become a pain on a long run basis. If your EMI and rate of interest are too much to deal with you can consider a Balance Transfer of your home loan scheme to avail relief from exaggerated Emi and rate of interest.

ICICI- Rate of Interests – 8.35% to 8.85%

ICICI bank offers Rate of interest that is around 8.35% to 8.85% for its reliable customers. There is specialized rate of interest for women applicants at ICICI.

ICICI- Loan Against Property

Existing home owners of a residential or commercial property can apply for loan against property at ICICI for any purpose which can be personal or for business purpose without necessarily providing a collateral or a guarantor. Loan term for avail Loan against property at ICICI is 15 years.

ICICI- Preapproved home Loans

Reliable customers having a good track record or a repayment history and having a fairly decent Credit score are granted with Pre-approved Home Loans offers at ICICI. Pre-approved home loans are easy to avail home loan which can be obtained with minimum documentation and quick disbursal.

ICICI- Home Loan Insurance

You never know when an emergency strikes- so that your family can take care of finance at the time of an emergency ICICI provides life insurance. Insurance cover is also provided to your home in case so that you can take care of your home and home loan in case of any unforeseen even. The insurance schemes that are available at ICICI are mentioned below:

  • Home Insurance and Secure Mind
  • Loan Protect

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