HDFC Home Loan

HDFC Bank:

The Housing Development Finance Corporation – pretty well known as HDFC Bank is a new generation bank. HDFC was established and inaugurated in the year 1994 and by Mr. Manmohan Singh – the then Finance Minister of India. Over a period of time the bank has emerged as a leading player in the banking/financial domain. The bank aspired to come up to a world class level to ensure that the clients and customers witness a world class banking experience and emerge as a World Class Indian Bank. Headquartered in Mumbai - the bank has been operating successfully across 2464 cities and towns in the country meeting financial needs of many through vivid financial products and extensive network of 4014 branches and 11,766 ATM’s. Globally the bank has its presence in Honkong, Dubai and Bahrain. The bank was awarded as the Best Asian Bank and The Best Domestic Bank – India by Finance Asia Country Country Awards -2015. HDFC through its exclusive Home Loan schemes have been making many dreams come true. HDFC home loan schemes are affordable and flexible which can be drafted as per the customer requirement.

Highlights of HDFC Bank Home Loan

  • HDFC has pioneered the expertise of providing housing finance with a vast experience of more than 35 years.
  • HDFC Housing finance can be obtained anytime and anywhere across the country at any of its branches as well as online.
  • HDFC Home loans can be paid back by making use of flexible re-payment options through ECS or PCD depending on the choice of the customer.
  • HDFC has 4.4 million customers who now own a home.
  • HDFC Home loans can be easily applied online as well through door step services of HDFC bank.
  • HDFC offers pre-approved home loans for privileged customers of HDFC bank.
  • HDFC offers specialized rate of interest of 9.50% for women applicants.
  • The EMI designed for your home loan is approximately Rs.834/- per lakh of your home loan availed.
  • By filling in a simple application form the bank provides you a quotation on home loan within two minutes of your inquiry.
  • HDFC offers exclusive home loan schemes for NRI’s where NRI applicants based out of Singapore, UAE, United Kingdom can apply for Home loan.
  • A higher credit score will help you obtain your home loan without much hassle.
  • You can seek properties online at – where already evaluated properties can be picked from for simplifying your search and giving you not just the loan but also a choice of properties to choose from.

Some Benefits and Features of HDFC- Home Loans

Home Loan

By applying for HDFC Home Loan you can avail a home or a dwelling unit which can be either brand new or old home, flat. HDFC home loan can also be applied for purchase of a land for purpose of constructing a house on it.

Home Improvement Loans

To execute jobs that may look petty but come with a substantial cost you can apply for home improvement schemes. Works such as painting, tiling, flooring, placing a modular kitchen, waterproofing of ceiling, adding grills, roofing, etc. are included in Home Improvement Loans.

Home Extension Loan

Thinking of an expansion is very like with expansion in your families, or any need that would demand some extra space – HDFC Extension Loan would cater for all such needs required to expand your existing home. You can add a room, expand a room or a kitchen with HDFC - Home Extension loan.

Repayment of Home loan through automated EMI

Repayment of the home loan is easy and automated through EMI or ESC on a date decided by the bank. All you need to do is to keep your bank account funded enough.

HDFC - Loan Tenure of 30 Years

Repayment of the HDFC- Home Loans is long enough that you can pay back with great ease and comfort. Choosing the payment tenure of 30 years will keep your EMI value pretty low and negligible, that would not hamper your monthly budget.

Home Loan Schemes for Rural Areas

HDFC offers an exclusive home loan schemes for Rural areas to ensure rural development and growth. These schemes are tailor made for farmers, agriculturists, horticulturists, plants, dairy farmers, salaries professionals as well as government employees residing in rural areas of the country. HDFC – Home Loan Schemes for Rural India is inclusive of following:

  • Construction of dwelling units or a house on residential plots.
  • Purchase of New House in a Rural Area.
  • Extension or renovation of existing house.

How to apply Home Loan at Letzbank

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