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About Home Loans

Home Loans are the financial assistance that are availed from any bank for purchase of a house which can be a new or pre-owned bungalow, villa, flat, plot or even a developer property. A home loan ensures that you get just what you need – “A Home” which would mean the world for most of us. Present day Home loans are designed in such a way that we get to live in them as well - with features such as nominal EMI, rate of interests, and longer loan tenures that would fit your pocket just the right way.

Citibank is a Kolkata based bank – the bank was incorporated over a century ago in the year 1902 with zeal to assists Indian lives financially. The bank since then has played a vital role in development of Indian Financial Sector through innovations in the field of finance and successfully helped in establishing credit bureau, depositories, clearing, and payment institutions. Presently, the bank is operated through 45 branches located in 28 cities in the country. Citibank is one of the most preferred banker to around 45,000 small as well as middle sized organizations across the country. The bank was a pioneer in synchronizing ITES and banking services by introduction of telebanking services, internet banking services, SMS alert services, Smart Banking branch, certified mobile payment, to furnish entirely integrated solution for the convenience of its customers.

About Home Loans with Citibank

Home loans in Citibank Categories

  • Home Loans
  • Home Loan Take Over
  • Loan against Property
  • Top-up on existing loan
  • NRI Home Loans

Benefits and Features of Citibank Home Loans

Loan Amount

Citibank offers home loans worth Rs. 10,00,00,000/- to all salaried as well self-employed individuals/ professionals for purchase of a new as well as old property, which can be anything from a villa to a flat or even a land followed by construction of house on it. The maximum loan that you can avail is around 80% of the value of your home you wish to purchase as the loan amount towards the purchase of your home. Citi Finances everything from a ready to move property to under construction property to avail.

Pre-Approved Property

For Citi customers – Citibank offers pre-approved properties which are already approved by Citibank. This not only puts an end to your search but also enables you to have a safe reliable transaction and investment

Loan Tenure

The loan tenure of 25 years will enable you to relax and pay your loan amount through pocket friendly EMI which is a boon in itself for availing home loan of any kind.

Foreclosure Charges

Citi allows you to make a prepayment of your home loan at any point of time during your loan tenure at a cost of 2% pre-payment penalty also known as fore-closure charges.

No guarantors or co-borrowers required

To avail home loans at Citibank, you will not be required to provide any guarantor or collateral as a security.

Mode of Repayment

You can choose to pay back the loan amount through convenient ECS as well as PCDs.

Citi Home Credit

Citi Home Credit is a unique feature of Citibank, in which your current account is linked with your home loan account. With Home Credit you can opt to pay your extra cash into home credit account instead of keeping your money idle in your bank account and lower the rate of interest being incurred on your loan. Home credit comes with transactional features where you can also withdraw the amount as an overdraft line. This feature not only helps you save the cost on interest but also enable you to repay your loan amount sooner than your actual loan tenure.

Home Power Protect

Home Power protect is an insurance introduced by Citibank through Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company. This insurance can be availed for the home you are buying. By availing insurance you can ensure that you will be able to pay the debt in case of a unforeseen event such as earthquakes, fire, lightening, etc. The insurance can be of two types 1) Home Building Insurance 2) Home Content Insurance.

Benefits of applying Citibank Home Loan at letzbank

  • A Letzbank, we help you avail home loan of your choice at your convenience.
  • All you need to do is to submit your duly filled application form through an unsophisticated online process at Letzbank to obtain your home loan without a hassle.
  • Banking on online services at Letzbank will fetch you a lot of benefits such can knowing your EMI, ROI and Tenure.
  • You will able to compare various home loan products being offered by leading banks across the country.
  • You will be able to plan your EMI through Home Loan EMI calculators available for all at Letzbank.
  • Applying online will also acquaint you with your loan status throughout its various stages during your home loan tenure which will help you take a well informed decision on your home loan.
  • You will be able to decide your own loan tenure and rate of interests you wish to bear suiting your pockets.
  • Last but not the least you will be charged “NIL SERVICE FEE” for the application submitted online.
  • Letzbank has a document locker facility – this facility enables you to upload all your documents online to avoid identity theft and avoid loss of documents. You not just secure your documents in Document locker but also be assured that you can come back and apply for another loan or make another transaction through Letzbank by making use of same set of documents.

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