Bajaj Finance Home Loan

About Bajaj Finance Limited

Bajaj Finance is one of leading edge organization in the field of consumer finance. The organization has reached skies with the growth it has witnessed owing to its popularity in field of consumer durable finance. Bajaj Finserv originated from its parent organization Bajaj Finance Limited as a separate financial entity in the year 2007 . Bajaj Finserv emerged as a independent organization since its inception and since has been operating as autonomously operating organization offering exquisite and interdisciplinary services across the country. Services offered by Bajaj Fin-Serv Includes:

  • Asset Management
  • Insurance
  • Lending
  • Wealth Management.

About Home Loans at Bajaj FinServ

Bajaj FinServ Home Loans are loans that can be availed by any individual who may be salaried or self-employed professionals or individuals for purchase of a new or old home/flat/villa/bungalow. Bajaj Finserv ensures that you get the right key to your home through a hassle free process that involves a very simple documentation.

Purpose of Bajaj Finserv Home Loan re-defined

  • Procure of a new home
  • Procure of a old home
  • Home Loan Balance Transfer – to revisit your existing home loan charges through Bajaj FinServ

Features and Benefits of Home Loans at Bajaj Finserv

Loan Amount

Bajaj Finserv Home Loans can be availed upto Rs.5,00,00,000/- depending on your eligibility which again depends on your credit score. So, if you are planning to buy a home by availing a home loan you need to keep your track record straight by having a good re-payment history, have no other loans will act as a boon in getting you the right home loan amount.

Rate of Interest

Bajaj Finserv offers home loans at really low rate of interest of 9.50% p.a. making the entire loan scheme look really fancy.

Pre-Part payment Facility

At Bajaj you can choose to make a pre-part payment without incurring any additional cost towards the pre-part payment penalty. You can make a pre-part payment for a maximum of 6 times in a year. The minimum amount you need to pay as a pre-part payment should be a sum of three EMI, however there is no maximum limit to which you can make a pre-part payment.

Nil Fore-Closure Charges

Bajaj FInserv Home Loans have an attractive feature where you can pay the entire home loan amount without incurring additional charges or fore-closure charges towards the home loan. Fore-closure can be done at any point of time during your loan tenure after the first installment has been deducted towards your home loan without an extra charge.

Loan Tenure

You can obtain Bajaj Finserv Home loan for a period of 20 years which give you room enough to relax and pay back the loan amount at lower EMI to suiting your budget.

Flexi Scheme

Industry First Facility -Flexi Loan account is a facility extended by Bajaj Finserv. Flexi Loan Account is a unique facility that has been introduced by Bajaj Finserv so that pay at your own conveniences. This product allows you to not just make a pre-payment of your home loan but also allow you to withdraw within the given limit known as drop-line facility by means of self-service process. This facility makes the entire loan scheme very attractive. The benefit that you draw out of this scheme is that you will be able to make an additional payment in form of a pre-payment without incurring any penalty and simultaneously save on the interest charged on the already paid amount.

Some Benefits of availing Flexi Loan Schemes

  • Flexi-Loan schemes as the name suggests are flexible home loan schemes where you can opt to make a pre-payment of your loan by making use of surplus fund lying in your account – this feature will enable you to waive off interest charged on amount paid.
  • The surplus amount paid can be also withdrawn at point during your loan tenure to address an emergency or immediate cash needs – however there is a limit to which you can withdraw.
  • You can access you flexi loan account online through online banking facility.

Get 3 EMI free months

You can plan your expenditure during the first three months of your loan which is called s cushion period.

Personalized Insurance Scheme for your Home

Bajaj Finserv will ensure that you as well as you home are covered under insurance.

Property Dossier

Bajaj Finserv offers its mortgage enables its customers to get acquainted with the legal as well as technical aspects of the property by making available to customers a report of the property mortgaged.

Property Search Services

To simplify your search for properties in specific locations Bajaj offers pre-approved properties that have been evaluated by an assessor. This enables the customers to know in and out about that property for them to make a purchase by availing Bajaj Finserv Home Loan.

How and where to Apply?

Home loans at Bajaj Finserv can be applied at – Letzbank is a portal which brings forth leading edge loan products that will enable you to choose the loan of your choice with features that you want. Tools– Home loan Calculators will give you assist you in planning your monthly installments, know the interest applicable on home loans, get acquainted with Home loan stages for you to plan your budget throughout the loan tenure.

Applying at will help you waive off service charge- since the services provided by Letzbank is absolutely free of charge for online applicants.

For any future transactions you can choose to save your documents on our document locker which is a tool that will enable you to e-save your documents and safe-guard the, Apply for Bajaj Finserv-Home Loans today @