HDFC Bank Gold Loan

Like most people, weddings, receptions and other grand events are the only time people flaunt their gold jewellery. And for the rest of the days, the gold sits idle inside a locker. Why not make the gold work for you with the help of a gold loan? At a time of a financial crisis, when you are short of immediate cash, your precious gold ornaments could help you obtain a gold loan in a matter of minutes! You could keep your gold safe in a bank and get the benefit of a loan without much hassle.Opt for HDFC bank’s Gold Loans to meet your short-term cash requirements without the hassle of a traditional loan and the benefits of a lower interest rate and a flexible term that you get to choose!

Features of HDFC bank Gold Loan

  • Quick Loan Processing – HDFC offers quick loan sanction for gold loans and also offers faster loan disbursal's without any hassle.
  • Better Pricing – HDFC offers gold loans at a highly competitive rate which makes it super attractive.
  • Transparent Structure – HDFC informs the customer of all the charges that will be levied to process the gold loan to ensure a transparent loan structure and effective communication.
  • Loan Amount – The minimum gold loan for metro cities is Rs. 50,000 and a lower amount can be given for rural markets.
  • Repay anytime – Get the benefit of repaying your gold loan anytime and foreclose the loan without any charges.
  • Secure Gold – HDFC allows you to secure your gold loan in the most safe manner.
  • Interest Rate – If you are an existing member, you can expect to get attractive interest rates, especially for women, preferred and Imperia customers.

Documents required to avail HDFC gold loan

As such you need not submit any financial documents to avail a gold loan. All you need to provide is a valid government ID proof such as a passport, driving license, Voter ID card, Aadhaar Card and PAN card.

Fees and Charges

  • Processing Fees – Nil.
  • Valuation fee – Rs. 250 for loans below 1.5 lakhs and Rs. 500 for thereafter.
  • Foreclosure charges – 1% applicable if the loan is closed within 6 months.

HDFC Gold Loan Interest Rates

HDFC offers gold loans at attractive rates that start from 9.60% per annum.

Benefits of applying HDFC gold loan at Letzbank

  • Free of Charge – There is no charge to apply for a loan via Letzbank website. In fact, we have made the loan application procedure easier and quicker by collaborating directly with the banks.
  • Instant Quotes – gets you instant access to car loan quotes from a bank of your choice within seconds.
  • Online Form Application – Submit the car loan application from the comfort of your home at website and let us handle the application process for you.
  • Wide Selection of Loans – At Letzbank, we collate loan offerings from all the major banks and present them at one page to you. This is a much hassle free method to make comparisons between loans and make a selection on which loan suits your needs.