About Cleartax

ClearTax is a product introduced by ClearSharp Technologies for the ease of all tax payers. The product aims at helping individuals as well as organizations file their income tax returns in a hassle-free manner without consuming much of your time and at the same time maximizing deductions. Cleartax is not a simple and accurate product for you to file your income tax returns.

ClearTax’s expert team comprises of folks from IIT, BITS, Harvard and CA. ClearTax partners with renowned CA’s with substantial experience of over 30 years in the field of Taxation, Finance and Accounting inorder to facilitate best services to its client. Likewise, ClearTax is favorite of several Chartered Accounts and is considered as one of the most trusted portals for e-filing of Income Tax Returns.

Why to use ClearTax?

  • Cleartax makes it easier for people to document their finances and fill their online applications to file income tax returns.
  • ClearTax helps you in maximizing your tax deductions.
  • ClearTax is one of the safest method of tax filing which is duly authorized by government of India for the purpose of E-Filing.
  • ClearTax is an expert tool, which simplifies process of IT-return filing.

How to apply for e-filing at ClearTax?

  • You can register yourself for free on the company’s website and filling in your details such as mentioned by the site.
  • Further, you will have to declare your taxable salary on the application form.
  • If your TDS is already being deducted by your current employer you will need their TAN number to be mentioned on your application form.
  • If you have resigned from some job and applied somewhere else you may have to fill another form-16
  • Declare and mention your income from interests you are earning as your bank interest, fixed deposit interests etc.
  • You can claim the interest paid on your home loan as tax deduction.
  • Please also mention on your application form if you have rented your property
  • File all your savings such as your LIC, NSC, PPF as well as your children’s school fee including the principal amount on your Home Loan. The maximum deductions you can mention under Section 80 is Rs.1,00,000/- beyond which your income becomes taxable. You are also eligible to show your deductions under interests paid on education loans, and medical insurances.
  • You will be required to mention accurately your bank account number along with your banks unique MICR number.
  • Please do not file your application in a haste, but with a cool mind review your applications make corrections and submit your applications.
  • Once you submit your application by E-filing your IT Return, Cleartax will take care of the rest and file your income tax return on the income tax department’s server.
  • Once your application has been received the Income Tax Department will send across ITR-V on your email address. All you will be required to do is to sign and send it across to CPC, Bangalore.
  • ClearTax is an absolutely free product for all online applications which makes it even more desirable.

FAQs on ClearTax and E-Return Filing

Why should anyone file their returns online?

  • It is mandatory for everyone whose income ismore than Rs.5 lakhs per annum to file income tax returns. Filing returns online is a hassle-free process which you can easily file by yourself without having to move around after your CA who would charge you heavy fee.
  • Over five lakh taxpayers file their income tax returns with ClearTax.
  • Filing your return through online application is absolutely free on ClearTax.
What is the due date to file income tax returns?

31st July is the due date to file all your income tax returns. If by any chance you skip 31st July you can still file your return by the 31st March next year. Delay in paying return beyond this date is considered as Belated Return

What will happen if I do not file my income tax return?

In case of non-compliance the income tax department sends across a notice asking you to file your income tax return. If you are found to not pay your taxes and owe taxes to the government you will be required to fill higher interests.

I forgot to pay my last year income tax, can I apply now?

The income tax department accepts returns of two consecutive years in which you are filing your income tax return. So not panic if you have missed the dead line.
So if you were worrying about lengthy processes to file your income tax return, or were seeking expert advice in filing your income tax return I am sure that your search is over, since you can nowavail our expertise and apply for income tax return in a smart and efficient manner through