Yes Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Overview of Yes Bank Personal Loan

Yes bank Personal Loans are loans offered by Yes Bank to meet the personal requirements of both salaried as well we self-employed individuals who have a regular source of living. Yes Bank Personal loan is an immediate financial assistance that one can avail during any emergent situation such as wedding, vacation, travel plan, or even a medical emergency. Yes bank personal loans are really convenient financial assistance when it comes borrowing money for immediate financial needs and can be borrowed with very documentation and process within a short span of time.

Features of Yes Bank Personal Loan

  • Yes Bank offers personal loan to its eligible customers, a loan amount upto Rs.20,00,000/-
  • The Rate of Interest at which one can borrow personal loan at Yes Bank is 14% to 16% per annum
  • Personal loan at Yes Bank can be borrowed for loan tenure of 60 months, so that the customers can relax and pay back in smaller EMIs. 
  • The processing fee that is charged towards processing your personal loan is 2% 
  • If a customer wants to close the loan account at any point of time he can do so by paying 2% to 4% as fore-closure charges. 
  • Yes Bank Personal Loans are Collateral Free - Guarantor Free - Security Free Loans which means that you need not deposit any collateral, security or even provide any guarantor for you to borrow personal loan at Yes Bank.

To apply for personal loan the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to compare personal loan deals that are offered from leading banks and for that you need not roam around from one bank to the other as you can find the best loan deals in a comparative format on Letzbank website. All you will be required to do is to compare, see and shortlist the best personal loan offer. 

Once you have compared and shortlisted the offer you need to see and finalize your EMI. EMI stands for Equated monthly installment which means that amount that you will be paying back to the lending bank on a monthly basis. When you plan an EMI you need to ensure that you do not hamper your monthly budget. It is always better to choose to pay smaller EMI than to commit for a higher EMI and be able to repay in time. To plan your EMI you should make use of Personal Loan EMI Calculator and you will be able to know your monthly installment, the amount charged towards the rate of interest on a monthly and yearly basis, loan stages of the loan throughout the loan tenure so that you can do a better financial planning for the entire loan tenure for which you will borrow the loan. So let’s get acquainted with the usage of Personal Loan EMI calculator tool:

  • Visit Letzbank Homepage
  • Click on the Calculators
  • Click on the Personal Loan EMI calculator
  • Enter the Loan Amount
  • Enter the Loan Tenure
  • Enter the Rate of Interest

With these 6 steps you will know the EMI of your Personal Loan within a matter of seconds. Once you know your EMI you are all set to apply for Personal Loan – Apply for Personal loan at Letzbank and get benefitted from exemption of service fee applicable on all online applications.