HFDC Home Loan EMI calculator

Overview of HDFC Home Loan

Most of us earn for a life-time thinking and keeping in mind that one day we will buy a home of our dreams. Often we think we cannot afford a home owing to lack of money or fear of not being able to bear the monthly installment. So to keep your fears at bay, plan your monthly EMI in hand before your finalize your home loan deal.

Features of HDFC Home Loan

Loan Amount

You can borrow HDFC home Loan upto Rs.10 Croresdepending on your eligibility. There are many things that determine the eligibility of a borrower such as age and income, however the main criteria that determines your eligibility to borrow a home loan is the credit score of an individual. Credit Score is thenumeric analysis of repayment history of an individual. Repayment history of an individual consists of the repayments you have done against your loan account or credit cards, the defaults that you have done etc. So based on your repayment history your eligibility for Home Loan is determined.

Rate of Interest

The rate of interest at which HDFC lends the home loan is 8.35% to 9.05% p.a.

Loan Tenure

The loan tenure for which you can borrow the loan is 360 months. With such long tenure you can easily pay your EMI without putting much pressure on your monthly budget plans.

Processing Fee

The bank charges a one-time processing fee of Rs. 10,000/- for processing the loan amount.


The main advantage of going with HDFC home loans is that the account is that the bank allows you to make a fore-closure at Zero fore-closure charges, which means that you can make a fore-closure without bearing any penalty towards the closure of your loan.

Once you know all the features of HDFC Home Loans you need to ensure that your EMI falls and fits in your monthly budget. You can make use of Letzbank – HDFC Home Loan EMI Calculator to ensure that your EMI is a right fit in your monthly budget. Here are 3 Steps to calculate your Home Loan EMI on a EMI Calculator:

  • Enter The Loan Amount you need
  • Enter the Interest rate at which the bank is lending you the loan
  • Enter the Loan Tenure for which you are borrowing the loan.

Submit the details and you will have following:

  • You monthly EMI
  • Loan Stages of throughout the loan tenure
  • The amount charged towards the rate of interest.

Once you know you EMI and ROI all you need to do is to compare your loan deal at www.letzbank.com before you finally choose one. All online loan applications are eligible for a 100% waiver on the service fee.