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Axis Bank Launches New Home Loan Product

axis bank home loan

Axis Bank has been ramping up the mortgage portfolio owing to dull corporate demand and thus extending benefits of a lower rate of interest to a much affordable housing segment which is much anticipated to be the fastest growing categories in the housing market.

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Tips To Save Premium Cost On Your Life Insurance Purchases

Life Insurance Purchase

Get the right Life Insurance Plan at Letzbank and Save on your Life Insurance Purchases – Read more to learn tips to save on the premium cost on your Life Insurance Purchases.

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Conditions to Pre-pay your Car Loan

Prepay car Loan Car loans are popular loans that are offered by a number of banking and non-banking financial organizations in the country for thepurchase of acar. Mostly borrowing loans is the most convenient way to buy a car and it is a fact that most of us are able to afford to buy a car because of good car loans being offered in the market.
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Understanding Home Loan Insurance

home loan

Home loan Insurance is an insurance cover that is offered by most banking and non-banking financial organizations. Some firms leave you with a choice to opt for home loan insurance cover where some banks have made it mandatory for all the home loan borrowers to avail home loan insurance.

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What Your Banker May Not Tell You About Home Loans


Borrowing a Home Loan – Here’s what your banker may not tell you about Home Loans

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Reasons Why Your Home Loan EMI Is Still High

Home Loan EMI

All the banks lend loans on the basis of MCLR - Marginal Cost of Lending Rates whereas the non-banking financial organizations lend loans at PLR- Prime Lending Rate system.

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Whether To Rent A Car Or To Buy One?

Car Rent OR Buy

Wondering whether to rent a car or to buy one – Consider various costs involved and decide effortlessly between the two.

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How To Increase Your Tax Savings On A Joint Home Loan

joint home loan

Owing a home is the biggest and the most challenging decisions for many people. The purchase not just helps out people buy a home but keeps them away from hassles of rented property. Borrowing a home loan also helps in saving tax.

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NO Double Tax on Credit Card Payments and 7 other myths

No double tax

No Double Taxation on Credit Card Payments and 7 Myths on GST Busted Loud and clearly by the Revenue Secretary – HasmukhAdhia

4 Must Ask Questions while buying a New Car


The moment you plan to buy a car and you land into the showroom – the salesperson makes all possible efforts to crack the deal and boost up his sales.

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