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Is It Sensible To Buy Resale Flats?

resale flats

When you wish to buy a flat, buying a flat for resale is one of the best options to crack open a cheap best house deal. Apart from the advantage of being cheap these flats also come with an advantage of instant-shifting.

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What are the Legal Consequences If Your Cheque Gets Bounced?

cheque bounces

A cheque is an order to the bank to enable the drawer to withdraw the amount as mentioned in the cheque written in a printed format. A cheque is one of the most negotiable instruments in the country which is normally valid for 3 months from the date written on it.

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8 Creative Ways to Pay Off Credit Card Bill

credit card bill

It is often said that at the price of your daily latte you can launch your dream business, pay off your credit card bills, become a good investor and build up your savings. So where there is a hope in savings there is a great danger if you keep stacking up your credit card bill, and not paying the due amount on a regular basis.

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Personal Loan Vs. Loan Against Property

Personal Loan: Personal Loans are unsecured loans that are usually offered based on a person’s credit score or a good credit history. A loan amount up to Rs. 30 lakhs can be borrowed at the rate of interest up to 10.85% per annum for loan tenure up to 60 months.

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5 Common Car Loan Mistakes

CL Mistakes

The car that you own today reflects your social standing in the society. Earlier owning a car was a luxury whereas now owning a car is a necessity. Most of the financial institutions offer car loans that will help people to accomplish your dream of an owning your dream car.

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5 Tips to Manage Your Business Effectively

business loan

Everyone gets excited when the loan gets granted especially when it is a business loan. With a business loan approval, you get to know that you will finally be able to start-up your business or expand your existing business, therefore, there is a vibe of excitement and different level of energy you are in.

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4 Steps To Rebuild Your Credit


A bad credit means a bad credit report and having a bad credit report can never be good news for anyone. Having a poor credit score is a serious matter of concern and therefore it can even affect the mental health of people.

5 Money Habits That Reveal Lack Of Etiquette

dos and donots

Even if you gain a fortune and lack etiquettes to spend it, all your money will just blow-off within a short span of time. Therefore, one needs to be really disciplined about the way he spends money.

3 Types of Professional Loans Offered in India

Prof Loans

The professional loan is a loan offered exclusively for professionals such as engineers, doctors, chartered accountants and also company secretaries.

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7 Habits Of Fiscally Fit People

fiscally fit people

Fiscally Fit People are the ones who can manage their finances pretty well, in fact effortlessly. And it is not something like they are born with the talent of managing money well; it is due to the fact that they inculcate certain good habits that keep them “Fiscally Fit” – Therefore let us read 7 Habits of Fiscally Fit People.

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