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Fixed, Semi-Fixed or Floating Home Loan: Which is the best option?

Fixed, Semi-Fixed or Floating Home Loan

When it comes to interest rates, there are three options available for home loan borrowers- Fixed, semi-fixed and floating. .

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6 Ways To E-Verify Your Returns

E-verify your returns

There are numerous new initiatives by Income Tax Department that make e verification easier as well as convenient. E verification helps an assessee to finish the process of filing the return at the comfort of home because help is at your finger tips!

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Factors To Keep In Mind Before You Borrow Personal Loan Balance Transfer

personal loan balance transfer

Is your personal loan EMI making you feel burdened every month – plan a balance transfer to cut down personal loan costs – Read factor to keep in mind before you take Balance Transfer of Personal Loan.

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Loan on LIC Insurance Policy


Make use of your LIC Insurance Policies to meet your financial need – Borrow loans on LIC Insurance Policy at Interest Rate as low as 9% p.a.

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Benefits Of Having Prompt Repayments

Prompt Repayments

Been paying your EMI and Credit Card Bills in time? Enlisted below are a certain benefits that you can grab by making prompt repayments!

What Is The Application Process For Car Loan?

application process for car loan

This article takes you through the application process for car loan in detail. We are also covering documentation and general standards followed by loan agencies and banks to evaluate and approve the car loan.

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SBI Home Loans For Government Employees

SBI home loans

State Bank of India offering “SBI Privilege Home Loans” – A Home Loan for Government Employees! Read more and Apply at Letzbank

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Step By Step Guide On Filing Income Tax Return Online

IT Returns steps

With complete digitisation and online filing, it is becoming increasingly simple for taxpayers to file returns online. Portals like letzbank further simplify this process through their state-of-art platform which has user friendly interface and easy to understand procedures.

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Personal Loan In Emergencies

personal loan emergencies

Personal loans are always considered an option for emergencies. This article explores the advantages that these loans have over other conventional categories. It also states the features that make this loan ideal for personal emergencies.

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6 Hurdles You Can Face While Transferring Your Home Loan

Home Loan Hurdels

With reduction in the Home Loan interest rates here is why you should consider a Balance Transfer. Let us see what would be the hurdles that you may face when you want to avail a Home Loan - Balance Transfer.

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