Unique Ways To Save Money Using Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Google is like a guru, no matter what your question is Google has an answer. It has become part of everybody’s life these days. Right from mail to Playstore, it touches our lives in so many different ways. When it comes to touching lives, we must mention Google Alerts here. In a nutshell Google Alerts send a mail or notification to the user about the changes in the results of the search he or she might have created an alert for. Say, you want to be aware of any news or update about a place or person, a company, product or just about anything in the world. Now to search for it every day might be a tedious task but if you create an Alert on Google Alerts, Google sends you a mail as and when anything new happens. The Alert itself can be customized to suit your need and requirement. Over thousands of alerts can be created on each mail id. And you can even use this alert to save up and make money! How? Come along!

Drop in price

It happens all the time that the high price of the product keeps us from buying it. But every now and then we keep going back to see if there is a sale or fall in the price so that we can afford it after all. Imagine if you could simply create an alert for the price drop or sale? Yes, this is one of the many things you can create alert for on Google Alerts. Whenever there is a sale or fall in price, Google Alerts will send the information right into your inbox!

Free events

Who doesn’t love freebies? We all do and why not, they are a great way of indulging without spending! You can create an alert on Google Alerts by entering a combination of keywords that include name of the area, region and free event. This thing works beautifully when you are going on a holiday and want to know of things that you can do for free at your holiday destination. ! Some of these events admit on first come first basis and in such cases, rest assured you would be an early bird with Google Alerts. The free event could be a concert, wine tasting session, cultural classes, exhibition and the likes. What matters is that it is free and you got to know about it right on time.

Review Alert

Last week I wanted to pick a Captain America mask online for my nephew but I just could not make up my mind about the quality of the product. I wanted to buy a good quality mask which could withstand torture at the hands of a six year old boy! Since there were no reviews it was almost impossible to determine the quality so what I did was put an alert on Google alerts regarding review of the product in question. Just after about two days, I received a mail about a new review posted about it and then another after another two days. I got my reviews and my nephew got his mask!

Store Alert

You can even set alerts on premium stores like GoodEarth, Jaypore etc. The stuff they sell is super unique, classy but of course it does come with a hefty price tag. So instead of visiting them every day and feeling bad about not being able to purchase anything, simply set an alert for sale or offers.

Coupon Alert

Coupons are a great way of saving a lot of money but the issue is that they need a persistent effort from you. Say, you want a tattoo and have been looking for the right coupon that can be redeemed at a local tattoo parlour. Your usual modus operandi would be to regularly search for it on internet. But actually all you have to do is set up a google Alert and let it do your search and work!

Product Alert

Sometimes same or similar product on two different sites or belonging to two different brands might be priced differentially. But as it happens in most of the cases, the cheaper one would be out of stock. But worry not, you can create a Google Alert for this purpose as well. As soon as the product becomes available you will know about it.

Stock prices

For those who play in the stock markets, Google Alerts can be of a big help. You can create alerts for news on certain stocks, companies, individuals etc. If there is a news that can lead to fall in the price of a certain stock in the next couple of days, you can sell off or if the appointment of a certain new CEO is slated to push the price then you can pick the stock as soon as you get the alert confirming the news. Google will alert you on time so that you are on top of your investments all the time.

These were some simple and unique ways in which Google Alerts can help you save money. Now let us take you through a simple guide on how to create them.

Step 1: Login to your Google account. If you don’t have one then simply sign up, it is free and fast.

Step 2: Go to Google Alerts page on www.google.com/alerts/

Step 3: Enter the keywords or combination of keywords in search query.

Step 4: In the result type, you can choose all, one or many of the options that include news, blogs, discussions, books etc

Step 5: Set the frequency of Alerts by mentioning “how often” should google send the alert. It could range from once in a day to As-it-happens.

Step 6: Then comes your chance to specify “how many” alerts where you can either choose “best results” or “everything”.

Step 7:Just mention the mail id where you would want the notification to be delivered.

Step 8: Click on “Create Alert”.

If you want to tweak the alert and change any of the criterions, simply go to “manage Alerts” and make the changes as required. From now on stop wasting precious hours pointlessly on internet instead save up loads of money by signing up for google alerts. They are simple and help you get organized in a way you have never known before!

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