Travel Insurance For Train Travelers In India

Travel Insurance

There are a million people who travel by train, and therefore travel insurance is something which has become very crucial document for any train traveler. Keeping in mind there are a lot of cases of accidents and unfortunate events that happen during the travel or even on the railway platforms therefore, the train travelers have been given this opportunity of opting for travel insurance to have a safe and secure travel.

About Scheme:

➤ The government with an aim to provide safe and secure travel facility to all the train travelers collaborated with ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company limited, Shriram General Insurance Co. Limited, and Royal Sundaram and offered travel insurance to train travelers.

➤ Under this scheme the train travelers are being offered travel insurance at the time of booking train tickets at a nominal cost. All one needs to do while booking his/ her online train ticket is select the travel insurance option and you are entitled for an insurance cover for your train journey.

➤ As per Railway Accidents and Untoward incidents (Compensation) Amendment Rules – 1997 the governments provides a compensation of 4 lakhs in case of death of the traveler and upto Rs.4 Lakhs in case of an injury leading to permanent disability of the traveler.

➤ Any individual opting for travel insurance is not only eligible for the compensation under the under but also eligible for an insurance claim as mentioned under the travel policy.

➤ The insurance policy is available at a nominal premium of .92 Paise per passenger.

➤ The amount charged per policy per individual remains the same irrespective of the distance and time travelled.

➤ Children below 5 years of age and suburban trains are not eligible or covered under this scheme.

➤ All the accidents, incidents and victims are defined as per Sections – 123, 124 and 124 A of the Railways Act, 1989 as per which accidents such s derailment of train carrying passengers, or accident due to collision of two trains is referred to as accidents. Also, as per 124-A mentions that the claim cannot be taken in cases where a passenger gets injured or dies due to an attempt to suicide, intoxication, insanity, or even over adventurous activities and also natural death. Whereas, the cover is provided for acts of terrorism, dacoity, robbery, shootouts, etc.

➤ Presently, the insurance cover is only provided to travelers who book their ticket online. However, there are plans to introduce this facility for all offline tickets too in future. Let us have a look at the insurance cover provided depending on various scenario:

✔ Insurance provided on Death or Permanent disability of an individual is Rs.10 Lakhs

✔ Insurance provided on a permanent partial disability is Rs.7.5 Lakhs

✔ Insurance provided on Hospitalisation Expenditures is upto Rs.2 Lakhs

✔ Insurance provided on Transportation of Mortal Remains is upto Rs.10,000

How to File a Travel Insurance Claim:

After you opt for travel insurance while booking your online tickets all you will be required to do is to click on the option asking you to opt for travel insurance. After you opt for insurance cover you will receive an SMS from the insurance company. Once you receive a link you need to visit the website of insurance company and update details of your nominee. In cases where an individual fails to update details of his/her nominee, the insurance claim is settled by the legal heir of the policy holder. The claim should be settled within 4 months of the accident. In cases where the death occurs a report needs to be submitted from the railway authorities mentioning about the accident along with the list of dead passengers.

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