Reasons to avail Personal Loan from Bajaj Finance Limited

Personal Loan

Bajaj Finance is one of the largest and most profitable financier, financing various consumer durables through the country. Bajaj Finance Limited offers and lends finance to a wide range of consumers from all walks of life.

Bajaj Finserve came into existence in the year 2007 originating from its parent organization as a self governing body offering financial services to many consumers. Bajaj Finserve has been operating autonomously and offering its services such as lending, wealth management, asset management, and insurance.

About Personal Loans at Bajaj Finserve

Personal Loans at Bajaj Finserve are the loans offered for salaried professional in order to cater for your immediate financial requirements. This includes financial loans that are taken for your weddings, travel, vacations or to fulfil any other personal requirement.

Reasons to choose Bajaj Finance Limited Personal Loan Schemes

1. Personal Loans up to Rs. 25,00,000/-

Bajaj Finance offers personal loan amount up to Rs. 25,00,000/- to eligible salaried professionals.

2. Interest Rates up to 14.85% to 16%

Loans up to Rs. 25,00,000/- are available at rate of interests ranging between 14.85% to 16%.

3. Part Prepayment Facility without any Additional cost

Part prepayment is a repayment facility where you can opt to make a part pre-payment of your personal loan without incurring any additional cost. This facility will also enable you to cut down the cost on rate of interest on your personal loan amount. Enlisted below are some advantages of making a part prepayment without any additional cost.

• Pre-payment can be done for a minimum of six times within a year.

• The minimum amount that can be paid towards part prepayment should be equal to a sum of three EMIs whereas there is no maximum limit for part prepayment that can be made.

4. Avail finance within 72 hours in your account

Bajaj Finserve promises disbursal of your personal loan amount within 72 hours which is the is the swiftest turnaround time by NBFC in the country.

5. Nil Foreclosure charges

You can opt to close your loan amount at any point of time during the loan tenure after payment of the first EMI without paying any additional charges towards it.

6. Long tenures of 5 years

The loan amount can be paid back during a long tenure period of 5 years.

How to Apply?

• Apply with and register yourself

• Further, check your eligibility with the help of Tools and Services

• Compare offers on personal loans from a large spectrum of partner bank

• Click on the Personal Loan EMI Calculator option and design your own loan including your EMI, ROI, and loan tenure. You can also fore-see your loan at various stages by using this tool.

• Submit your application and we will get back to you.

• None of the applicants will be charged any additional fee towards the service fee for the applications submitted online.

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