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Tips To Save Premium Cost On Your Life Insurance Purchases

Life Insurance Purchase

Get the right Life Insurance Plan at Letzbank and Save on your Life Insurance Purchases – Read more to learn tips to save on the premium cost on your Life Insurance Purchases.

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Understanding Home Loan Insurance

home loan

Home loan Insurance is an insurance cover that is offered by most banking and non-banking financial organizations. Some firms leave you with a choice to opt for home loan insurance cover where some banks have made it mandatory for all the home loan borrowers to avail home loan insurance.

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How to Plan your First Life Insurance Plan

Life Insurance Plan

Majority of the people who opt for a life insurance policy have investment on their minds, and thus insurance finds its place most of our financial portfolios. Some people opt for insurance seeking financial protection whereas the others look at it from an investment point of view.

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Attention! Credit Card Bills and Insurance with implementation of GST


If you owned a credit card or even an insurance policy then it’s time for you to pulls your socks up and hold back and review the expenses that your do through your credit cards or premiums you pay towards your insurance policy.

Buying the Best Car Insurance Online in India

Car Insurance

Looking for a Car Insurance Policy – Checkout what to look while look for Insurance Policy and Apply online to get maximum cover!

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Loan on LIC Insurance Policy


Make use of your LIC Insurance Policies to meet your financial need – Borrow loans on LIC Insurance Policy at Interest Rate as low as 9% p.a.

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How To Make A Claim On Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is extremely important and protects the insured from falling into financial troubles owing to medical exigencies. This article deals with the procedure of claiming health insurance and factors that affect this claim and coverage.

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Travel Insurance For Train Travelers In India

Travel Insurance

Next time while booking a train ticket opt for Travel Insurance Launched for Train Travelers in India! There are a million people who travel by train, and therefore travel insurance is something which has become very crucial document for any train traveler.

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How to avoid getting fake Insurance Policy!

fake insurance ploicy

Just last month, Mr Anil Sharma’s car met with an accident. There was heavy damage to his car as well as the car his car brushed against.

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Car Insurance Terms You Must Know

Vehicle Insurance is mandatory in India and needs to be invested in as soon as you complete the purchase of your vehicle. In fact sometimes car loans also include the insurance amount. Car Insurance is of many types and has various riders that you must familiarise yourself with so that when you need to claim it, it meets your expectations and requirements.

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