Financial Advice For Soon To Be Pet Parents

pet parents

Pets are lovely and amazing companions that can keep you off the stress at the end of a tiresome day. If your work involves lot of stress it is a good thing to think about having a pet. Having a pet can help you forget all the toil and strife that you went through throughout the day leaving you relaxed. So before you welcome you bundle of joy at home you need to be mindful of certain things – here are certain financial advices for soon to be “pet parents”

Adopt a Pet – there are many animal homes where people raise abandoned cats and dogs, you can choose to adopt one too instead of spending money on raising a dog or cat of a particular breed.

Know the healthcare costs – If you are planning to bring home a kitten or a puppy there would be substantial amount of money spent on its vaccination, deworming etc on the other hand if your are bringing home slightly older pet you will save a lot of cost on the vaccination and other healthcare expenditures.

Expenditure on Food/Toys/Pet Accessories– Food is one thing your pet will consume every day and considering that it is recommended that you should go ahead and buy pet food in bulk which would be much cheaper and easy on your monthly budget. Checkout a couple of outlets offering good deals on pet food, toys, accessories, etc. if you are a regular customer you may be able to crack good deals. Keep in mind if you buy in bulk you get to save bucks.

Expenses on Dog Walker – Many a times people are not able to make time to take a walk with their pet and therefore they end up hiring someone who would take their dog for a walk twice in a day. Dogs get restless if not taken out for a walk. It is recommended that if you hire a pet someone should be there within the family to take care of them. If your family member can take a walk along the dog your dog will remain happy and you will be able to save cost of hiring a dog walker.

Expenses on pet boarding – Imagine if you have to go out of town out of some reason, and you have to leave your pet at some pet home or boarding home. Pet homes are expensive and therefore would become too hard to afford. If you have a friend who already has a pet, or with whom you pet is friend is friendly with it will be good for both you and your pet to leave your pet with someone responsible, than spending on expensive pet homes.

Pet-proofing your home – Before you plan to bring home you pet, it is recommended to pet-proof your home to ensure safety of your pet. By pet-proofing we mean you need to ensure that all the escape routes are well sealed so that your pet does not find a way out of the home without your knowledge. See you can close escape routes yourself than hiring carpenter or electricians to do the job for you that will help you save your money.

Expenditure for disinfecting your home – If you have a pet, you certainly need to disinfect your home and avoid your visit to doctor and add on to your healthcare expenditure. Although there are experts in market who would disinfect your home look for non-chemical home remedies to disinfect your home and avoid expenses on disinfecting your home.

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