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Kotak Mahindra Bank, bears the position of being the fourth largest bank in the country. The bank was established in 1985 by Mr. Uday Kotak with an aim to meet the financial needs of many Indians.

Personal Loans with Kotak Mahindra Bank

• Attractive loan amount starting from Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 20,00,000/-

Any salaried individual can apply for a personal loan varying from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 20,00,000 for any type of personal requirement such as planning vacations, travel, weddings, et.

• Longer tenure up to 5 years

The repayment of the loan amount can be done flexibly with a really long tenure of 5 years.

• Rate of Interest up to 12.65% to 21%

The rate of interest for repayment lies between 12.65 % to 21 %.

• NIL advance Part Payment

You will not have to pay anything towards the advance part payment charges for the personal loan availed from Kotak Mahindra Bank.

• Fore Closure Charges up to 5.75%.

If you plan to pay back your entire loan amount you will be charged 5.75% to entirely close your loan.

• Processing fee of Rs. 2000/-

You will be charged a nominal processing fee of Rs. 2000 for processing your loan.

Where and how to Apply?

• Now that you know all the details on what your personal loan scheme is like, you can apply for your loan by login in at www.letzbank.com

• The reason you should apply from Letzbank is because you can avail your personal loan anywhere across the country sitting at your ease in your home, or work place et.

• The most wonderful part about applying for your personal loan through Letzbank is that you can get your personal loan amount without paying an additional amount towards the service fee for online applicants.

• At Letzbank you can not only come and chose personal loan scheme from Kotak Mahindra bank but also you get to compare what other banks are offering in personal loan schemes- which will enable you to take a wise step and decision in taking personal loan.

• Further to this you can calculate your own EMI suiting your pockets and foresee your loan status during your tenure through the tools and services provided by Letzbank.

• At Letzbank your information is safe and secure with us as we do not share your information with any third party also since you are applying online your once saved information can be used for future transactions too through our document locker system.

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