5 Ways to Use your Pocket-Money Fruitfully in College

Have you ever felt the sense of responsibility when you are asked to bear your expenses on your own? We all think very differently about the definition of liberty, joy and happiness, however, economic independence of an individual is one of the most empowering things that can give you the feeling of contentment.
As a college student you may think that your pocket money is insufficient for you but if you can manage it well you will be able to not just spend your money wisely but also be able to save a little.
Enlisted below are certain ways to use your pocket-money fruitfully in when you are a college student:

Buy Your Stationery Yourself

Although stationaries may look like an inexpensive affair but considering the fact that you are still reading in college and will be required to complete the academic assignments, the amount that you will have to spend on your stationery will not be a small amount. In fact, if you can just take a walk around your locality you may be able to locate a good local store where you can save the cost of commutation as well. You can make use of the saved money in order to buy stationeries and feel great about the overall savings that you would have done.

Surprise Your Parents

Our parents do so much for us most of the times without asking anything in return. If you can save a few bucks and surprise your parents by taking them for a movie or dinner or their birthday or anniversary or any other precious occasion in your family.

Pay Fees For Gym or Fitness Classes

It is important that you keep yourself active and fit right from the young age and preserve your youth right from the beginning. College students usually keep busy and are so occupied with their classes, assignments, tuitions and other academic responsibilities that they often miss out on their physical fitness.
In order to keep your mind off from mental stress of studies and academic pressure, you must plan a physical activity according to your preferences. You can pick a sport you love, or join the gym making physical activity a habit. You must also make it a point that you skip the habit of eating out and pack your lunch from home to keep healthy. This healthy habit will help you save a lot of your pocket money and you will be able to pay the fees of your fitness class.

Develop a Hobby

Every person is blessed in some or the other way, when it comes to creativity. Therefore, explore and find out what is something close to your heart that you would love to do as a hobby. Your hobbies will keep you involved in constructive activities and help you cut off activities that are doing you no good. Ensure that you make all expenses that you incur to carry forward your hobbies by saving a few pennies from your pocket money. Also, instead of taking a bike or a car try use a bicycle or public transport for travelling. You can also share a cab or share your bike with the friend having the same hobby.

Pay Phone and Internet Bills

Nowadays mostly all the phone carriers are offering free calls and 1 GB data per day for 3 months. Take a package instead of going with small recharges. This will not only help you but will also help your parents.

Remember, you are in a college and soon after you graduate you will have to face the harsh world out there. Having good and clean habits will help you grow financially strong. A disciplined life is something that is important to have a strong future.

Saving and making fruitful expenditures early in life will help you develop good financial habits very early in your life which can become a practice for a life-long.

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