4 Steps To Link Your Aadhar Card With Your Savings Account

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Adhaar Card – since its very inception has become an integral part of everything we want to do right from availing a subsidy on your LPG connection, to your banking details, your driving license to your passport you would need an Adhaar Card. Linking adhaar with your savings account has become as important as submitting any other KYC documents. Gradually the government is making all possible attempts possible to ensure that Adhaar Card serves as the unique identification number for every citizen in the country. You can obtain an Adhaar Card from your nearest E-Seva Kendra. One of the most important thing that needs to be done after you obtain your adhaar card is to link it with your Savings Account – So let us see how to link your Adhaar Card with your Savings Account:

The simplest way to link up your Adhaar card with your savings account is to just walk-in in your bank with a copy of your Adhaar Card and ask your bank to link it up. The bank may also ask you to fill up a KYC form. There is an even simpler way you can link your adhaar card with your savings account at the comfort of your home which is through online banking. Imagine you will not have to take the pain of visiting your bank to register your details and link up your adhaar card with your savings account. Enlisted below is a stepwise procedure that will help you to link your Adhaar Card with your Savings account online.


Step 1: Visit your bank’s internet banking portal

Step 2: Enter your Username and Password and you will be able to access internet banking

Step 3: Since Adhaar Card is one of your KYC documents you need to click on “Submit Documents” and choose “KYC Documents”. Once your click on the “KYC Documents”, “One Time Password – OTP” will be sent to you on your registered mobile number. Submit the 6 digit OTP that you have received and continue the process.

Step 4: Further, you will enquired about the details of your Adhaar Card. You need to mention the details of your adhaar car and then submit.

Once your Adhaar Card details have been successfully uploaded you will be notified about the same and you can also review the same by re-logging into your savings account. Linking your Adhaar Card with your Savings account is mandatory as per the recent government of India norms. Failing to link your Adhaar Details with your Savings account can result into the locking or freezing your savings account. So, don’t wait till your account is frozen or locked just upload the document online at the comfort of your home and you will not have to visit the bank personally just for this purpose. Uploading your adhaar details on your savings account is very simple, quick and easy and can also save you from getting frozen or locked.

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