4 Must Ask Questions while buying a New Car


The moment you plan to buy a car and you land into the showroom – the salesperson makes all possible efforts to crack the deal and boost up his sales. However, if you are not planned and prepared enough to decide if you want to go ahead with the deal or not then you might not be able to buy the right car for yourself. Therefore, whenever you are planning to buy a car you must keep in mind 4 Must Ask Questions while buying a new Car so that you do not land yourself in a problem after you have signed up for the deal.

Question 1: What other fees will I be charged?

When you buy a car there are certain legitimate costs that a person has to bear without any deviation; such as Sales Tax, Registration Fee, Tyre recycling fee, documentation fees, etc., however, there are other fees that the dealer would charge with an aim to increase the profit. The earlier you know about these fees the better it is for you as you will be able to find a genuine dealer who will not charge fees unjustly with an aim to mint money from you.

Question 2. How much is your documentation fee?

Almost all the car dealers charge a document fee when you purchase a new car. The documentation fee is a fee that the bankscharge for processing your document and signing a loan agreement. Document fee is charged at the discretion of the loan assigning bank. Since this fee is basically the fee charged by the bank without much reason you can certain bargain on the document. After all, if they wish to sell they should as well make such efforts to ensure that the deal is signed.

Question 3. Are there any pre-installed features on the car?

Most basic models of the car do not carry the features like – automatic windows, air-bags, defogger, anti-lock breaking system, reverse sensing system, seat covers, music system, floor mats and the list is just endless. Therefore, checking what the dealer has in store for you can save you some money. So before you sign a deal you must try grabbing as many features possible from your dealer.

Question 4. Check what’s in store for you to save cost?

Buying a new car means that it would not trouble you with maintenance cost atleast for a year or two. Being able to ask your dealer to offer atleast 1 year’s annual maintenance free of cost or free insurance will put you in a comfort zone atleast for the time such costs are taken care of. Bargaining on and cracking such offers from the dealer himself helps especially when you have already borrowed loan from your bank.

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