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Reliance Commercial Finance

Reliance Commercial Finance is a dedicated branch of Reliance Group that offers finance to Small and Micro Enterprises. The inception of the organization took place with an aim to offer SME industry a platform to grow and thereby contribute to Nation’s economy. A number of SMEs do not function well due to lack of fund therefore Reliance Commercial Finance for incorporated to cater for financial needs of SMEs. The firmed is aimed at enhancing Indian economy by empowering SMEs by making them self-operational and independent entities. The organization offers customized and easy to obtain financial solutions for SMEs. Reliance Commercial Finance has been able to cater for financial needs of over 1,30,000 SMEs, the total amount disbursed so far is Rs.50,000 Crores.

Reliance Commercial Finance is a member of Reliance Capital Family. The organization has its presence across 8 locations in the country and AUM of Rs.15,157 Crores as on March 2016. Reliance Commercial Finance offers diversified financial services and products in form of business expansion loans, property loans, expansion loans, construction equipment loans, infrastructure loans, agriculture loans and microfinance. Reliance serves as one stop shop for all kinds of loan products especially as far as commercial finance is concerned.

Reliance Commercial Finance - The Vision & Mission

The organization aims at being one of the most profitable financiers in order to provide finance for productive creation of assets. The organization aims at providing its customers need based loans in order to create a rich infrastructure and productive asset. The organization aims at maintaining superior portfolio quality and ensures profitability. The organization offers high standards of ethics and values that would lead to growth of SME industry.

Loan Products offered by Reliance Commercial Finance:

• Business Expansion loans: The organisation offers loans for expansion of businesses in order to promote growth of its clientele. Business expansion loans have flexible loan tenures and structured mode of repayments. There is no need to deposit finances for equipment loans upto Rs.60 Lakhs and there is no secondary or collateral required for equipment loans upto Rs.2 Crores

• Loan against property: The organisation offers loan against property for its customers which can be availed to meet the financial requirement for purchase of commercial, residential and industrial property. There are no financials required for loan upto Rs. 3 Crores.

• Commercial Property Loans: Commercial Property loans are available for those who wish to buy a new commercial property.

• Commercial Vehicle Loans: Commercial Vehicles loans can be availed for purchase of commercial vehicles such as Tractors, Loaders, Trucks, Taxi, etc. You can use commercial vehicle loans for purchase of commercial vehicles for running their transport businesses and expansion of their fleet.

• Used Car Loans: Reliance offers used car loans for purchase of used cars which can be used for both personal as well as commercial purposes

• Construction Equipment loan: One can avail construction equipment loans for purchase of construction equipments such as road machinery, concrete batching plant, concrete pump, hydraulic excavator, etc.

• Infrastructure Finance: Infrastructure finance can be obtained for financing infrastructure of any plant, housing complex, commercial property, etc. The loan can be availed by developers or contractors for building infrastructure of commercial as well as residential projects. Infrastructure loans at Reliance Commercial Finance are considered to be one stop shop for Renewable Energy Finance in India.

• Agriculture Loans: Agriculture loans can be of two types 1. Loan required for agricultural activities 2. Loan required for purchase of agricultural equipment's. Agriculture loans are offered to entrepreneurs for agricultural purposes, food processing, establishing green house, micro-irrigation, planting cold storage units, dairy units, poultry, rice mills and fisheries. A loan amount of Rs.50,00,000/- can be availed as Agri Loan to establish your SME.

• Home Loans: Home loans can be availed from Reliance Commercial Finance for financing your dream home. Loans upto Rs.5 Crores are available at 9.50% p.a. rate of interest. Home loans at Reliance can be borrowed for loan tenure of 360 months. The advantage of borrowing home loan from Reliance is that you can make a pre-payment and close your loan at Nil Fore-Closure Charges.

• Property Solutions: Reliance offers property solutions for those who are looking for a house on rent in a particular city as well as for the ones who wish to purchase homes of their own in a particular city. All you are required to do is to submit your details and choose property you wish to stay either on rent or by purchasing property of your choice.

• Microfinance: Microfinance refers to financing projects of those entrepreneurs who reside in remote areas of the country by providing them microfinance for establishing them and thereby empower people living in remote areas

If you are seeking finance for establishing and operating commercial units in any form as mentioned above, all you need to do is to pick your loan type, logon to Letzbank and Submit your loan application!