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Edelweiss Financial Services

Edelweiss is one of the topmost and well diversified financial service organizations in India. Edelweiss has been assigned “BWR AA+” rating by Brick works Rating India Private Limited.The organization build up with an aim to create innovative ideas and protect values has a rich presence in services that broadly classified into the following areas

• Credit including Retail Finance • Debt Capital Markets
• Commodities • Financial Market
• Asset Management • Life Insurance

The organization offers a variety of products and services to its clients across the globe such as

• Life insurance • Retail Finance
• Housing Finance • Mutual Fund
• Retail broking business

Edelweiss operates from over 240 offices across 125 cities in India, along with its eight offices overseas. It has over 5555 employees and over 572000 clients across the globe.

Edelweiss offers a Corporate Credit Bouquet which includes corporate package of two different types

Promoter Finance

This type of finance is available for expansion of an organization with a security funding according to the case type with tenure of three to five years. The minimum funding done through this product is of Rupees Five Crores.

Trader Finance

This type of loan arrangement is done basically to leverage the relations with reputed organizations in order to avail a low cost funding. In this sort of arrangements the clients can take care of their business needs while Edelweiss caters to the financial needs of the clients.

Retail Credit

Retail credit is a dependable way to avail a loan by applying for loan against shares or loan against ESOP’s. These loans are secure and safe that can provide you a loan ranging between Rupees Ten Lacs to Rupees Twenty Five Crores for tenure up to ten years.

In this process the bank also does a hand holding to the client and looks into the funding gaps, checks the capital expenditure, operational expenditure which helps the client to streamline their processes as well as finances.

Fixed Income

Edelweiss deals with an extensive assortment of inventive products in the area of Fixed Income and caters to a several market and client sections. It stands amid the top facilitators in the Fixed Income Market and caters for the investment needs of the applicants as a focal point of information. Although the fixed income market has achieved success in the government sector, the corporate bonds market has a really long way to go. With an amplified effort on treasury operations by banks and with rise in the number of market participants, the Fixed Income market is in a high growth phase. Edelweiss Group has also partnered with Sun Global UK to expand Fixed Income reach in International Markets

Fixed income service offers

• An intermediate service in the secondary market with strong client base which includes Banks, Financial Institutions, Primary Dealers, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, Pension and Provident Funds and Corporates.

• Well-structured deals in unification with Investment Banking team.

• Imparting knowledge through daily deal record, daily market pulse and weekly market analysis.

• Provision of common forum for interaction between various market participants


Edelweiss offers a large variety of Home Loan products which are customized to meet the customer’s financial need. The bank offers numerous housing finance products under the sponsorship of the National Housing Bank (NHB). Some of the salient features of the housing finance schemes offered by Edelweiss are mentioned as under.

• The bank offers variable rate home loans as well as fixed rate home loan to its customers.

• The loan tenure can be as long as 25 Years so that one can repay at their ease.

✔ Loan against Property

You can mortgage your existing commercial or residential property to avail cash for the expansion of your business, and fulfillment of your dreams with variable rate home loans as well as fixed rate home loan against property.

✔ Refinancing

Re-financing of the property purchased with personal funds can be refinanced using Edelweiss Re-financing services.

✔ Top Up Balance & Transfer

Edelweiss helps you transfer your already existing home loan amount to Edelweiss Housing and Finance at eye-catching rate of interests for a flexible tenure and low EMI. An additional top-up can also be availed against the same property.

✔ Lease Rental Discounting

Edelweiss offers a loan against rental income from lease contracts with corporate clients.