Professional Loans


Professional Loan” or ‘Business Loan for Professionals’ is a loan that is offered to salaried as well as self employed professionals who aspire to start up their own business or expand the already existing set up. Professional loans are offered to salaried or self-employed individuals who are professionally qualified as professionals under the professions mentioned below

• Doctors

• Chartered Accountants

• Company secretaries

• Architects

If you are a professional who is enthusiastic about starting up own business set up or is looking out for expansion of existing set up you can apply for Professional Loan to make your dream come true.

Loan Amount:

A loan upto Rs.30 Lakhs can be borrowed for setting up or expansion of professional business set up. The borrowing limit is set by the bank which is determined by analyzing your credit score or your credibility to pay back the loan. You can know your credit score for free by visit Letzbank website.

Rate of Interest:

The rate of income to borrow professional loan can be as low as 15.50% and as high as 33.50% per annum. The rate of interest is something that can be bargained upon. The banks may grant you professional loan at less rate of interest if you have a good relationship with the bank which basically means a good credibility and credit score.


The tenure or the time to repay the loan depends on the bank which can exceed upto 60 months. Longer the tenures, the higher is the rate of interest charged on your loan although there is always a benefit of lower EMI option one can draw when he opts for longer loan tenure which offcourse comes at a cost of rate of interest that is charged on your loan.

Processing Fee:

Processing fee that is charged on a professional loan for processing your loan is upto 2% of the loan borrowed.

Fore-Closure Charges:

Fore-Closure charge is the penalty levied by the bank if the customer wishes to close his loan account in the middle of the tenure. Check your loan agreement to get the benefit of making pre-part payment or a fore-closure as and when you get money without paying any penalty towards the closure of your professional loan.

Access our online services Free of Cost

You can access Letzbank portal to search, compare and apply for professional loan be assured that your will not be charged service fee for all applications submitted online. Make use of our tools and services to design your EMI’s and ROI. Making use of our tools and services will acquaint you with the status of your loan at various stages so that you take a well informed decision. You can revisit your existing loans, by redesigning your EMI’s, rate of interest and tenure and choose a better and affordable professional loan deal. Once you apply for Professional Loan online you can e-save your documents online in our Document Locker and safe-guard yourself from Identity Theft. By e-saving your documents in document locker you can come back and apply for other loans and offers without having to upload the same documents again and again.

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