Home loans

Home Loans – An Overview

Home Loans are loans that can be obtained by anyone who wish to purchase a house which can be anything from a House/flat/ villa/ etc. Home loan being a long term commitment you need to choose wisely, a home loan offer which not only gives you a higher home loan amount but also provides you with a lot of comfort throughout the loan tenure to pay back the loan amount without much hassles by facilitating lower EMI and ROI on your loan amount which can be paid during long loan tenure offering you relaxed period to pay back. Other set of benefits as to why you can take a home loan is that you can choose to expand/extend your home by adding floors, adding a room, etc; improvise your home by adding tiles, painting, etc, you can also choose to take a home loans to furnish your house as well. Here are some more benefits to avail home loans:

Loan Amount upto Rs.10 Crores:

Home loan can be availed for a loan amount upto Rs.10,00,00,000/- to all eligible customers who are salaried individuals.

Interest Rates starting from 8.35% p.a.:

Home loans are available at a rate of interest starting at 8.35%. Some banks also offer subsidized rate of interests for women applicants to ensure women empowerment in the country.

Advance Part payment:

Making some advance part payment towards your loans will ensure lower rate of interest and also EMI charged on your loan during your loan tenure.

Part Prepayment Facility:

Part prepayment is a repayment facility which is a very beneficial scheme especially for those who are salaried you can make use of your additional income which you may receive as your Bonus, LTI, or even Medical to make a partial payment of your loan tenure. A provision like this helps you to lower the ROI, and EMI. You can make Part prepayment for six times annually. The minimum payment that you can submit as your part prepayment should be equivalent to three EMIs.

30 Years Home Loan Tenure:

You can plan and avail your home loan for a long period of 30 years. The longer your loan tenure more affordable your EMIs will be.

Nil Foreclosure charges:

Some banks offer home loan scheme at mind-striking benefit of “Nil Foreclosure Charges”. This means you can pay back the outstanding loan amount at NIL fore-closure charges at any point during the loan term after payment of the first EMI without bearing any penalty towards fore-closure charges.

Pre-approved Home Loans:

If you are reliable customer with good credit history of a bank you are certain to find pre-approved home loan offer from your bank.

Pre-approved property:

The banks have come-up with pre-approved properties where you can actually obtain a home loan on a property which has been evaluated by the bank which would put an end to your search of a reliable home.

Home Loan Top-up:

You can avail a top-up on your existing loan for any purpose to beautify your home.

Home loan Balance transfer:

You can choose to avail a balance transfer of your home loan, if you are not satisfied with the services, rate of interest etc. of your existing lender bank to revisit your home loan charges and home loan amount, etc.

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